The Artful Process – down the wonderful rabbit hole

The MedowI can never predict how a necklace or painting will turn out when I start. The artful process to me feels like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole in a really good way. Sometimes it is full of experimenting and then changing directions until it feel right. When I create I follow my gut and go where the project leads. There is a lot of meditation involved with my art. Each piece is filled with experiments that have gone right and a lot that has been covered up or cut off.

start of necklaceThis is how I started my newest piece with the geode and a ammonite fossil. I stitched other gemstones on and then stopped. This just didn’t feel right. I wasn’t satisfied with how they all looked together. I loved the geode and I already had it peyote stitched down so that was going to stay.

I went to my bead stash and started to play with other big pieces instead of the fossil (too primitive for the look I wanted). I got a large flat piece of turquoise and tried that. I thought it might be good so I continued to add more beads. I wasn’t happy with that either so I cut everything off except the geode and started from scratch.

The MedowThis is the next thing I tried – pieces of a water color I painted glued to plastic pieces. This felt right and the colors all blended in a very relaxing way. Putting the painting under the plastic tiles helped the color pop and become “amplified”.

necklaceNow I’m feeling much more satisfied with the piece and the colors are pulling together nicely. I still do a few hours of beading, put it down, and step away for a bit. When I come back to it I look at it and evaluate how I feel about it. I am always checking in with my gut so it becomes a very authentic expression of me.

It’s very easy to slide into creating something for the approval of others. I’ve been cultivating my style and color pallet for most of my 49 years so I feel really comfortable in sharing my style with the outside world. It does take time to become comfortable sharing your unique style with others because it’s such a personal part of you. That’s normal but you need to keep in your mind that what you create matters and it’s good. If you learn to love the art you make (and celebrate it) then it’s easier to find ways to love yourself. As you get bolder in your creative style, you become bolder as a person. What you create is wonderful so you are wonderful too.

The MedowYour art is your fantasy that comes out into the world. It’s scary to let others see what’s behind your private wall – will it be good enough (am I good enough)? Is this art (am I a fake if I call myself an artist)? The questions you ask about what your create are intertwined with the questions you ask yourself.

The MedowIt’s coming along great and I love this piece. I stretched my wings and used pinks in this necklace. This is a very relaxing color pallet to me and I am having a wonderful time creating it. I don’t mind the experiments along the creative path and starting a project over – it’s part of the deal. I don’t see those as mistakes because I need to see if something works and if it doesn’t work – cut it off and try again.

The moral of this story is this: Don’t see your experiments as mistakes. You haven’t failed because you need to start over or cover up a part of your project. It’s all part of your individual process so embrace it! You are unique, the way you create is unique, and what you create is unique. Unique, wonderful, creative, beautiful, and needed in this world! What you create matters and you matter. Create. . .Discover. . .LOVE.

One Comment on “The Artful Process – down the wonderful rabbit hole

  1. Hi
    Your work are so beautiful, I love this work, it is a great work of art.I have been looking for blogs of other artists and so really glad I found yours. I look forward to follow you. Warm Greetings form Magny

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