The Unexpected Bumps Along the Creative Path

Mixed Media Painting - In the processSo this morning I found myself scraping off the water color painting I had glued onto my acrylic background painting. This is not fun but it is one of the unexpected bumps along the creative path. You never know just how your creative “baby” is going to act or respond to your style or materials.

painting 3The first steps in this project was picking a watercolor painting and starting the background with acrylic mediums. I work in layers with pauses between so I can give myself room to “feel” for the next layer. Sometimes they are under layers that peek through and some are the top layer. This didn’t feel right to me because it was too much solid color. I decided to paint a new watercolor for the piece.

painting aI was very happy with this watercolor but the background was too white. I was really liking the texture that was developing. I use Golden crackle paste, modeling paste, string gel medium, and crackle glaze to build up the layers. I sand them down in between after a layer of acrylic paint(s).

processes 009painting 5





You can see the different layers here.


I love to see the patterns emerge as I continue to layer. I then decided that it needed a Venetian plaster look so the last layer was modeling paste applied with a spatula.

processes 009I liked the darker glazes and I was really happy with this painting.







painting 4This is how it looked with the watercolor piece applied. I had put several layers of a fixative on the painting so it wouldn’t smear when I put a coat of glaze on it. In the past I poured a layer of resin on the painting without hurting the watercolor. This time I thought I’d brush on a thin layer of matt medium –




Mixed Media Painting - In the processThis was the result – watercolor smeared and I scraped it off. Boom, just like that. No warning – just a ruined painting. This really clicked with me because my life has taken some dramatic turns that I never imagined. Boom, just like that. I’m still learning to be as calm with life’s creative flow as I am with my art’s twists & turns.

In the practice of making art there are so many lessons we can learn: Honoring our authentic style, what colors we love, patience, skill, perseverance, meditation while being quiet with ourselves, going with the flow, problem solving (a lot of problem solving), and the fortitude to listen to what others have to say about what we create.

As we learn to love our art we learn to love ourselves. Our art comes from our deepest places. If we can love what is produced from deep within then we can learn to love all the parts of us. We see the “mistakes” in our art but it’s beautiful anyway – just like us. We have flaws and old mistakes that are covered up, but what shines though is beautiful in it’s own special way.

We are all creative and we are always creating who we are with every decision and thought we choose to focus on. If we practice seeing into the depths of our art and apply that to really seeing into we are, we can radiate that acceptance into our lives.

I am going to paint another watercolor for my canvas and I don’t know how it will turn out, but I know that I will love it. I will practice flowing through life and making it beautiful as I go.

One Comment on “The Unexpected Bumps Along the Creative Path

  1. Your work is amazing! I love reading you (thus understanding the thinking process behind your art), I love the colors you use and the different facets of your creativity. And I would add that it is a wonderful thing to encourage others to be creative and to find their own inner voice.

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