Art is My Constant

Art Journal page - createIt’s March in Wisconsin – it’s still cold, I’m withdrawn, and I’m stuck with chronic pain from a tumor. The last 8 months I’ve had depression slip in and grow. I’m not who I was and want to be. Why am I sharing this? To let you know what’s helping me so I can help others.

Art is my constant. It helps to relax me, aids in my self expression, and it’s about the only time that I’m not hurting is when I’m creating.

permission slipI’m realty starting to understand what other Multiple Myeloma cancer patients experience – chronic pain and being tired. I’m normally a very positive person but after a few years, it weighs anyone down so I’m on a quest to get back to my positive attitude. I’m also fighting the urge to be embarrassed about sharing the fact that I hurt and I’m depressed about that.

the track of a projectThere is a learning curve to any new experience in life and every art project. I’m learning to go with the flow just like in my paintings. Trusting the process is essential to remain resilient and I see that as my paintings get better with each layer. Sometimes a layer is ugly – just like life, but the next experiment on the canvas turns out great.

I’m learning that art – like life and people aren’t perfect. Striving for perfection with art or life will only bring frustration so I’m putting down my expectations little by little.Without expectations, one is able to see the big picture instead of just what can be seen with the blinders of “I should”.

I am poemI am just a person who is doing the best I can and this point is my life it’s all about me. No guilt, no should’s, no expectations, and no perfection. I’m doing the best I can.

Art is my constant and so is Reiki. I find that when my energy gets blocked and I feel walled off, I call my Reiki master Rene Christesen at Channels Studio and after a session I will feel opened up, my creative juices flow, and I’m so much happier.

Write yourself a permission slip today for some self care. Do something creative and get some reiki (Rene does distance sessions) and keep doing the best you can!

4 Comments on “Art is My Constant

  1. Where in WI are you??? I was born in Manitowoc but then lived quite awhile in Madison. I don’t know if you are on Facebook but you should really consider joining my group there. It’s called the Physically Challenged Artist. It’s a closed group just because of the private nature of some discussions but just ask to join and I’ll add you. You sound like you’d totally fit in with out 225 member group.

    • Hi, I was born in Baraboo but I live in Madison now – down town. I am on FaceBook but I’m having issues with the link showing up here on the website. You can find me at Your Inner Art. I’d really like to join the group!

      • Can you give me the link to yr FB page? I can’t seem to find you by searching the name you gave

      • I just fixed the FB widget – you should be able to get there now. Please let me know if you can’t. Darn technology!

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