Use Your Stash of the Cool Stuff

Suppplies for my day calendarMy business partner has the coolest day calendar/organizer and the best part is that she made it herself! That’s what I did today and a thought popped into my head, “Use your stash of the cool stuff!”

I tend to collect great stickers and smash book accessories but do use them because they feel too “special” to use. I am making a new bold habit of using my cool stuff on my everyday projects.

When you’re practicing living in a more creative way, you tend so see things in a different way. You can see the potential in them. You realize that almost everything can be made into something else. Sometimes, I find myself saving items for that “most special” project and not using my cool stuff.

The last couple times Jennifer Falkowski to plan our biz “Creating Your Path” ( I noticed she had made her own calendar/organizer. She did a great job of personalizing it just for her. Well, yesterday I left the meeting and started planning my own. My notesThe above picture is me getting an idea and not having one of my several notebooks around to write in. This gives you some insight into my “organizational” system right now. I do pretty good, but if I want my business to be successful then I had to decide to become more professional with the business aspects.

The notes from above is the 45 ish minutes I spent last night making a list of the topics/areas of the biz I wanted for each month.

Then today I altered in inexpensive notebook by gluing in the monthly pages from my daily calendar followed by the pages for the different things I want to keep tabs on.

Calendar journalI used a composition book with graph paper just because I thought that was more fun (always keep fun in the forefront of your mind). My calendar pages were smaller which was great because I can write more notes or doodles around the edges.Calendar journal 1 After the monthly calendar I have a page for questions to ask myself & a monthly focus. Pages for my art & the gallery I’m in, the book I’m co-writing, and the classes I teach. I seem to be resisting keeping good track of mileage so a page a month will cover that. I’m keeping track of my finances long hand each month because it’s not much yet and I love still working manually. I have to do what works with me so I will do it (that’s the key to most things: if you have something to do ask yourself how you can do it creatively?

I really like post it notes so I have a page spread to use with my post it note to do list. I’ll move the post it note from to do over to the next page of done. I won’t loose track of what I should be doing. (I’m very proud of this page spread).

There is also a page spread that’s blank for a monthly art journal page. At the beginning of the month I’ll decided what I want to focus on and then do a background. During the month I’ll add to it as I think about my focus.

Calendar journal notesHere’s a smaller notebook for my scribbles and notes.  I will be able to work out some ideas in here before I post to my “official” calendar.

I would encourage you to boldly use those supplies in your stash that may seem to special to use and maybe in a way that will help you through your average day – like your own calendar/diary/organizer.


Published by Your Inner Art

Mixed Media and jewelry artist, author, and teacher. The creative process has carried me, taught me, and comforted me. I use art as income and therapy - it is my joy. This evolution has brought me to the Goddess path of wisdom and alchemy in my art and in my soul. Embodying the many facets of Goddess is a valuable tool in personal growth and self care. I provide encouragement, instructions, and what I have learned about the human experience. My books are: Creatively Through Cancer and Caring for Yourself the Creative Goddess Way. My jewelry is Goddess Adornment. My blog is how to use art as therapy and self care.

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