Art & the Over Thinker

the eye Sometimes when I look inside I sense a whirl of different thoughts, projects, and what if’s colliding with my desire for inner peace. This is when I turn to my art. I see the creative process as an active meditation which is why art is great for the over thinker.

One aspect of seeing the world through a creative lens is that we see all the possibilities in just about anything. It is very exciting to be able to envision many projects while looking at rusty things in a dump but it does make for a noisy brain too.

Creatives ask “what if” and then the twists and turns of a project burst out from our imagination. There are times that I get so wrapped up in a project that my brain keeps going even when I want to shut it down.

meditation rock (1 of 1)That’s the perfect time to get out some supplies and play. Just like getting other emotions out onto a page helps to release all the stuff bottled up, releasing extra energy onto a page helps to calm.

doodle 1I love doodling for those times I’m keyed up with whatever energy is stuck inside me. The rhythmic motion of moving your hand over the page and making repetitive marks really does help the body to calm. I could reference different studies that prove repetitive hand movements actually physically helps the body relax, but it would be best proved by doing it yourself.

It doesn’t matter what marks, lines, and shapes you doodle, just get out your pad & pen when you find yourself in a whirl of over thinking. Release each thought as you doodle. You can even jot down those really good thoughts into your doodle to save them.

Doodle your way to calm.

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