What Happens When You Feel Dried Up?

I have thought about blogging every day and have had really good ideas. Then I think about actually going to my computer and . . . . no energy even to turn it on. What happens when you feel dried up?

I’ve been doing art and focusing on my other biz Creating Your Path and our blog so technically I’m not all dried up – just have too many items on my plate. Again, that question of feeling dried up creeps into my day.

permission slipI give myself permission to not have energy to do everything I want to do. I give myself permission to be happy about what I do get done. I give myself permission to be kind to myself. This is how I’m going to dissolve my desire to do everything and that in turn will help to evaporate my feelings of being dried up. I will focus on what I have done and not what I haven’t done.

Distress StainThis is just another way that I’m being shown how expectations walk us into those dried out places. Before cancer & my stem cell transplant I could do just about everything I wanted to. Now I have to monitor how much energy I have each day.

Expectations get in the way of being able to make a transition into a different way of life.

When I’m deep in the expectations I have of how things “should” be. . .

f everything


When I’m flowing with the transition and change in my life. . .

color mood iHave a wonderful day!!!!!


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