The Healing Ability of a Creative Practice – Getting Creative with Cancer

healing finalDuring the month of October I will have my mixed media paintings at Con Amici 126 3rd St in Baraboo Wisconsin (my home town). Here’s the article from the local paper.

I am very excited about having my paintings out in the public! This is the first year that I have created paintings for both my enjoyment and then to have someone else enjoy them.

I play, experiment, and explore color and texture on canvases. I use acrylic paint, watercolor paint, joint compound, gel mediums, and a watercolor “gesso”. My paintings are built layer by layer, adding and subtracting paint & mediums, with time between each layer contemplating the next step.

My creative practice takes to a place of meditation and a mindfulness about where my inner wisdom is taking me. I want to create works that someone will be able to look at in many different ways which is why I love abstract patterns.

a mandala

On Saturday October 10th I will be speaking at my reception about the healing properties of a creative practice. I will use my own experience through cancer and what creative approaches I took to process all that was happening.

I invite any and all who might find this interesting to join me at Con Amici at 6:30 to listen to the ways a creative practice can help you in your life. I will be available to chat & answer questions afterwards.

1206120Mandala 12 x 12

acrylic, watercolor, mixed media






Inner Workings   12 X 12    $75.00

acrylic, watercolor, mixed media

Published by Your Inner Art

Mixed Media and jewelry artist, author, and teacher. The creative process has carried me, taught me, and comforted me. I use art as income and therapy - it is my joy. This evolution has brought me to the Goddess path of wisdom and alchemy in my art and in my soul. Embodying the many facets of Goddess is a valuable tool in personal growth and self care. I provide encouragement, instructions, and what I have learned about the human experience. My books are: Creatively Through Cancer and Caring for Yourself the Creative Goddess Way. My jewelry is Goddess Adornment. My blog is how to use art as therapy and self care.

One thought on “The Healing Ability of a Creative Practice – Getting Creative with Cancer

  1. It is wonderful that your own practice and inner work is reaching so many others. You are a real gift to those around you, and those who watch from afar. ❤

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