The Healing Ability of a Creative Practice – Getting Creative with Cancer

healing finalDuring the month of October I will have my mixed media paintings at Con Amici 126 3rd St in Baraboo Wisconsin (my home town). Here’s the article from the local paper.

I am very excited about having my paintings out in the public! This is the first year that I have created paintings for both my enjoyment and then to have someone else enjoy them.

I play, experiment, and explore color and texture on canvases. I use acrylic paint, watercolor paint, joint compound, gel mediums, and a watercolor “gesso”. My paintings are built layer by layer, adding and subtracting paint & mediums, with time between each layer contemplating the next step.

My creative practice takes to a place of meditation and a mindfulness about where my inner wisdom is taking me. I want to create works that someone will be able to look at in many different ways which is why I love abstract patterns.

a mandala

On Saturday October 10th I will be speaking at my reception about the healing properties of a creative practice. I will use my own experience through cancer and what creative approaches I took to process all that was happening.

I invite any and all who might find this interesting to join me at Con Amici at 6:30 to listen to the ways a creative practice can help you in your life. I will be available to chat & answer questions afterwards.

1206120Mandala 12 x 12

acrylic, watercolor, mixed media






Inner Workings   12 X 12    $75.00

acrylic, watercolor, mixed media

One Comment on “The Healing Ability of a Creative Practice – Getting Creative with Cancer

  1. It is wonderful that your own practice and inner work is reaching so many others. You are a real gift to those around you, and those who watch from afar. ❤

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