Where’s My Bliss?

Art Journal page - createWe’ve all heard, “Follow your bliss” but do you know what your bliss even is? Sometimes I ask myself, “where’s my bliss?”

I have found that to find my bliss I have to slow down and check in with how I feel.

Pay attention to what you are doing and how it makes you feel. Do you feel happy and full of energy or do you walk away drained?

Your energy level and the amount of smiles on your face indicate your bliss. It does take practice stopping and checking in with how you feel. Does this feel right or are you ignoring the red flags of energy drain?

permission slipThere are situations that we can’t totally change but are there parts that we can change? Can we change our attitude toward our situation? Do we need to step away, no matter what, for our happiness?

Build relationships that support you instead of drain you. I have been doing this more often and if I am happy & energetic the better I am to be around.

This life is a path, do you want to fight the thorny bushes or to be able to walk freely? Trim the negative & draining from your life. Do things that bring you energy and that sense of peace to your life.

DSC_0356Draw your path today and see what your inner wisdom has to say.

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