Making Your Own Organizer for 2016

ORGANIZER PHOTOS (1 of 14)This is the second year I’ve made my own organizer and it has made a difference keeping things straight for me. For those that have gone through chemo, you know that chemo brain is real and unfortunately it doesn’t go away. I was never the best at remembering & organizing but now if I don’t write things down, it’s never going to stick in my Swiss cheese brain. To be honest, sometimes writing it down doesn’t even help.

My organizer is my day planner, brain dump, and journal all in one. There are A LOT of organizers out there but I never found one that was perfect for me and they are all pricey. After looking all over last year, I decided to make my own.

Step One is taking some time figuring out what exactly you need in your planner. I spend an evening writing down all the stuff I need to remember and what I’d like in a planner. To get ideas you can go to Pintrest and search planners/organizers. There are a lot of ideas there.

What I have in mine this year is: a 2 page monthly spread, brain dump pages, blog organizer pages, business contacts, marketing planner pages, blank pages, and at the end I started some collage pages.

After you figured out what you want in a journal go get supplies. I use a composition notebook but you can use a 3-ring binder,or a sketchbook if you want thicker pages.

ORGANIZER PHOTOS (1 of 14)You’ll need several glue sticks, Tacky glue, scissors, washi tape (paper tape found in craft stores that have great designs on them), Stickers or paper tabs to mark sections in your planner, I made a pocket out of the cover of a paperback book, and stuff to decorate it (stickers, collage elements, and any journaling card stock pads from Smash books or Reflections – found in the scrapbook section at craft stores.)






ORGANIZER PHOTOS (10 of 14)There are many different journaling pads & papers out there. Take some time to wander around a craft store and just soak in the creative possibilities!




I am designing some calendar pages, weekly organizers, and a monthly organizer that I will make available next week. This idea just hit me so I have to finish them! They are plain so you can decorate them and doodle on the calendar! They will fit a composition notebook.

I will be posting once a week in 2016 with my new concept in journaling so you can use it to get organized, become more mindful, and more creative! Here’s your first question to contemplate – Who’s driving the car in your life?

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