Get Organized and Make Your Own Planner

ORGANIZER PHOTOS (12 of 14)Good Sunday!!!

The sun is out but it’s actually getting colder here in Wisconsin. I’ve used Nov & Dec to reorganize for a few years now. A couple of years ago I saw my friend Jen’s organizer that she made from a composition notebook and I was in love!

I got more ideas from Pintrest & YouTube. I’ve got a whole board on Pintrest now with planners and free printables for them. I’ll put links for some of this at the end of the post.

You can use a cheap composition notebook or a more expensive moleskin notebook. As you can see I decorated the cover of mine with stickers & a greeting card. Glue this stuff down with Tacky Glue because the cover gets beat up and you want your stuff to stick.

ORGANIZER PHOTOS (2 of 14)I want to make a pocket so I used my ruler to rip out the first 2 pages of the notebook. I left 3/4 inch of the page so I can glue the pocket in between these pages.

ORGANIZER PHOTOS (3 of 14)I wanted a strong pocket so I ripped off the front & back cover of a medium sized paperback that fit. I can still use the book without the cover. I cut the ripped edge off and a slant.

ORGANIZER PHOTOS (4 of 14)Instead of gluing the edges of the pocket, I used washi tape to tape the edges.

WASHI-TAPE(Washi tape is a fabric tape that has great patterns & designs. You can get it at any craft store. I just went to Anthology here in Madison and got some beautiful tape.)

Glue the pocket in between the 2 page tabs with Tacky Glue and tape the other 2 sides.

Tip: when you’re gluing don’t use big globs near the edges because it will ooze out and make a mess when you smooth down what you’re gluing. Use a thin line near the edges and a little more in the middle. This way as you smooth out the tabs glue won’t ooze. I use tacky glue for gluing stuff on or gluing stuff together. When I glued my calendar pages into the organizer I used a glue stick so it would lay flat and not pucker with the wetter gluesORGANIZER PHOTOS (5 of 14)

I covered the edges of the paper with the washi tape too for decoration.

monthly (1 of 1)Now its time to glue monthly pages in. I made this blank 2 page spread that has big squares to write in and on the side there’s a space for 2 goals & steps to take for the month.

Each month in 2016 I will have a focus and a supporting quote for you to think about all month long. There is a box to write the focus in and a box for you to rewrite the quote in your own words.

You have to write in the month and the days.

ORGANIZER PHOTOS (7 of 14)The tabs I made are just rectangle pieces of paper glued together on the edge of the page of the month.

You can buy sticker tabs at craft stores and office supply stores.

Here’s some from Pintrest with washi tape.

You can also do tabs at the top to section off parts of your journal.        ORGANIZER PHOTOS (14 of 14)


I started some simple collage pages in the back so when I have a few minutes, a page is already started.

ORGANIZER PHOTOS (13 of 14)If you go to a craft store they have several brands of smaller journaling pads of paper. Smash Book has great supplies for journaling (this is basically a DIY Smash book).








ORGANIZER PHOTOS (11 of 14)There’s different pockets and other fun stuff that you can jazz up your organizer.





I have made weekly organizer sheets for you to down load and print. It’s a 2 page spread that had boxes for the days of the week for you to use as a quick journal space or to do lists. weekly (1 of 1)Your motivation, a gratitude space, hoping to accomplish, how you felt each day, check off lists for healthy stuff, and a spot to get creative.

Weekly organizer pages. You can print just one set out and write all the stuff in your journal if you don’t want to use a bunch of paper.

Here’s a link to my board on Pintrest that has a bunch of organizer sheets and free printable sheets.


Have fun with this and if you have any questions, I’m here to help!!!   Happy organizing – Cathy

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