Organize & Simplify to Help with Your Creative Flow.

Meditation Time
Meditation Time

A river runs through it 3 (1 of 1)Which painting is easier for you to look at? Do you know why?

The painting on the left doesn’t have defined white space or an organized plan to it. There’s no place to rest your eyes or mind when looking at it.

The painting on the right has more organization to it. You might even sense it’s purpose is to travel inward. It draws your eyes in a path.

Now think about the space around you – organized or cluttered with no “white space”? Are your art supplies in one area? Can you get to them easily? If you want one or two items, do you know where they are?

I find that there are two aspects of my inner world that help with my creative flow – simplicity and organization. I go on regular garbage tossing extravaganzas with my clothes, old biz stuff, and even art supplies. I just finished simplifying the emails I get by unsubscribing to all the newsletters I get that I don’t immediately open. The less I have in my inbox or on my desk helps me to focus on what is really important to me.

I have my most used art supplies handy and in containers so I can grab what I need when the moment hits. My collage pieces are in one large Zip-lock and I actually plan on using them instead of keeping them. I have made the transition to using all the cool supplies I have instead of waiting for that “perfect” project to use them in. All my projects are perfect to me and using my supplies gives me satisfaction.

Pick your creative outlets instead of trying everything. I love fibers and fabric but I know that I don’t have the room in my head or house to have one more hobby. Pick what you love TO DO and then collect photos on Pintrest if you want to follow an art form.

ORGANIZER PHOTOS (12 of 14)One of the great things about having a planner is that you can use it to get simple in what is important to you.

It can be used as a simple journal because getting thoughts out of your head helps to simplify your inner world. Use some pages in your planner for “Brain Dump” pages where you just list all the stuff in your head on the page. Journaling really helps to provide tangible clarity in what is important to you. You may just find stuff in your head you can just “throw away” because it doesn’t serve you.

For the 2016 Art as a tool for creative self awareness blog series I’m doing, I wanted to start with organizing & simplifying.

When you’re getting ready for the holidays and pulling decorations out, see what you can get rid of that’s not really serving you this year. If it can be glued down, put it in an art journal.

Start thinking about organizing and simplifying for the rest of this year. Make your planner/organizer. Next month I’ll start the directions for the altered book that you can use all year long with prompts, themes, and projects I’ll be sharing with you.

One Comment on “Organize & Simplify to Help with Your Creative Flow.

  1. Now I know why I’m in trouble. I couldn’t help but be pulled into the left one in spite of no white space. 😉 I have arrived at the same decision you have though, about the number of creative/craft things that I will allow in my life anymore. I have the knowledge to do more than are currently in my project list, but I want to enjoy the ones (quilting and Zentangle) I have, and let go of the ones that fill time (largely knitting and crocheting). I used to do those while watching TV, and since I rarely watch TV, they just don’t fit anymore.

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