Why Journal and what is a Visual Journal?

color mood kWhy journal and what is an art journal or visual journal? Any type of personal journaling helps you to craft the questions that you need to answer for yourself.

The first step in deeper self awareness is asking yourself the right questions. If we don’t have a question, how can we dig deep and uncover OUR truth. It is in discovering our own truth that we get clarity to our passion & purpose.

This morning I’m listening to a journaling podcast from write4life. Nathan Ohren does written journals and if you’d like to get excited about writing in your art journal/altered book check out his podcasts. As I’m listening, this blog asked to be written.

Keeping an art journal incorporates all different types of written journals, artsy things, and person tokens from our lives. Part diary, part scrapbook, and all about you.

Start by identifying different questions & concerns that are popping into your head right now. Write them down and get that inner scaredy cat out into the open.

Keep those questions because you can glue those into your 2016 art journal/altered book as you follow along with me.

I’m going to be helping you craft the questions you need to ask yourself this year using any kind of journal that is calling to you. I have asked myself questions during the difficult times in my life so I can learn the lessons I need to grow spiritually. Even the everyday asks questions of us in how we react and through the emotions that are brought to the surface in different circumstances.

I am passionate about getting clarity in my life (and I use creativity as the vehicle) because I want to be in the driver’s seat in my life. Incubus did an incredible song that resonates with me, Drive. Listen closely to the words and listen to what comes from inside you.

my parts

During 2016 I will be posting a monthly theme with journaling prompts and projects for you and your art journal so that you can identify the questions you need to ask. I want to help you clarify what brings you energy and happiness so you can get in the seat and drive your life. Another huge outcome of any type of journaling is you actually take time to listen to what’s inside you. As you spend time with yourself and make the perfect choices for YOUR journal, you see that all your choices are perfect for you. Use this year to put down your “I Should” and experiment with” this is me”.

In December I’ll post the directions for starting your altered book. Look for a book that has it’s pages sewn in.

You can see the separation of the sewn binding from the cover. These are better books so the pages won’t fall out when you rip some out.

2016 – Helping you find YOUR INNER ART!!!

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