Picking Your Altered Book

Picking your altered book is exciting and the best part is there are no rules except your own! Creating an altered book or art journal is your time to express yourself fully and without any fear. This is YOUR spot, YOUR truth, and YOUR story.  You can close this book from the world or open it and show your truth to the world.

Pick a hard cover book that speaks to you. Take some time and browse a used book store while you are thinking about what you want to remember about your beautiful self. We cover up who we were created to be as we mold ourselves to what we think society wants from us. This book is a place to uncover your beauty, magic, and power.

The first book I did was at a time when I needed to remember who I really am and what I really wanted from life. Everything that I thought was me left within a 5 month span. I realized that most of “who I was” had been built with other peoples expectations. As I looked through a bunch of books “A Life on the Road” jumped at me. I was at a cross road and needed desperately to choose MY road.

It was with this book I took back my truth and what I believed in. I made my desires a priority as I do to this day. This book and uncovering my power in being me changed my life. When I decided to follow my desires and put my happiness first my life became brighter and more fulfilling than any of my 40 years before.

Altered Book DirectionsUse any book of any size that speaks to you. This is your first assignment of finding your own truth – listen to your inner creative fairie as you ask yourself what do you want from this book?

It’s all about asking yourself the questions you’ve been longing to your whole life and putting the answers in these pages.

The book should be hard cover with a sewn binding. Do you want a book with pictures you can add to? Just one with words? What subject do you want?

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