How “To Do” the Creative Discovery Year

Altered BookHere’s how “to do” the 2016 Year of Creative Discovery. (If you see a link in my blog, you can click on that to get more directions.)

  • Pick your book and start preparing some (or all) of your pages.
  • Each month there will be a theme with a quote and each week I’ll have a prompt or project for you to work on. Do the prompts that really appeal to you and the ones that repel you for some reason (that’s your inner creative and your inner protector talking). If you get a strong feeling about a subject – dive in to get your pearl of truth.
  • All my blogs will have links from this page on my website.
  •   On my Your Inner Art Facebook page I will be posting my blogs, how to’s for different techniques each month, and different projects you can try. This is where you will get your ideas & inspiration from.
  • I have a Facebook group so you can be in a nurturing community of other creatives. Your Inner Art – A Year of Creative Discovery. This is the place to ask questions and post your pages if you want to. I’m here for you on your journey. I’ll check in with this page at least once a day.

That’s pretty much how this is going to run – all the rest is up to what feels right to you. Always check in with your gut to find your way. If you get some negative or scared chatter from your inner protector – don’t worry! That part of you just wants to protect you from the unknown. It doesn’t know “good” from “bad” just “I’ve done this before or I haven’t done this before. The unknown is scary to at least one part of you. Just comfort that voice and try it anyway. Recognizing where that creative fear comes helps you to understand that you can do things scared.

There’s really only one rule – have fun playing with your truth and the creative process!

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