Why I Want to Offer the Year of Creative Discovery

altered bookI thought I’d share a little about why I want to offer the year of creative discovery with you. I have been using art more as a tool to express myself and as a nurturing way for self refection. It is always there for me when I need to relax, to preserve memories, decorate my home, process stressful/crappy situations, remember my truth, examine who I really am, and every so often make money.

It has made my life richer and gives me the opportunity to connect with people through teaching. I love art and getting lost in the process of exploring color & texture. Seeing other people’s eyes light up when they make something and remember they’re creative brings me great joy.

My passion is creating and my purpose is helping others get into their art too.

After graduating with a degree in art therapy I thought – ok now I have to do this “art thing” and make money. I’ve tried to make a living being an artist/creative coach in a few different ways now only to have my attempts be marginally successful. I have been pushing and trying to force my art all feeling somewhat icky as I did.

I have learned to listen to my intuition and follow what brings me energy and my gut was telling me this path isn’t working. I used my time alone (when my boyfriend goes away hunting) in November to meditate & rethink what I was doing. In three days the year of creative discovery bubbled out of me complete with a monthly chart of themes, quotes, prompts, and projects! I love blogging so I decided that would be the main format and it would be for anyone that wanted to join in. I have been energized ever since and it feels right.

Creative discovery is trying new things, making art, finding your style, and using projects for self awareness (becoming more aware of your truth).

art journalThis will be a year of creating exactly what you want the way you want. Playing with supplies, experimenting, making art that you’ll like and some you won’t. All your attempts will teach you something – listen for the lessons and what brings you energy. Using the themes and prompts, you’ll craft questions for yourself to help dust off who you really are. Here’s good news – you’ll find out you’re more glorious than the story you tell yourself.

I’ve battled my demons, faced my fears, and looked at myself without my mask of “should be” using art. It has proved to be a natural, organic process that really is a lot less frightening than I thought it would be. I have gained self acceptance, confidence, and knowledge that I am beautifully & wonderfully made. I’m here to learn even more about the human experience and if I listen to my soul/higher self I will travel the path that is just for me.

I’m here for you because this is exactly where I’m suppose to be and this year will be great! So, get creative, gain insight into what you really love, and be fearless with your altered book!

2 Comments on “Why I Want to Offer the Year of Creative Discovery

  1. Love everything you wrote . You’re an inspiration. I sent you a PM a while back and never heard back. I’m curious on a 2-3 hour art (gem/metal working project etc.) and more so just some creative discussion and  insight.  I have perfect location and it would (if possible w/you) be one or two others along with me. I don’t know if that something you do but I’ve seen where you offer some similar options. I , along with people have been practicing many different art forms throughout the years , but I have a feeling you could really help ignite some ideas and passion. If possible could you give me a price estimate on event in question  and any other info  you feel necessary to share. Thank you for your time . 

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    • Hi Annie -I tried to get back with you through my facebook. I’m not involved with Creating Your Path anymore. I’d love to get together with you. I charge $20 an hour or if it’s a specific class $35 for a class. Email me at CATHYJL65@yahoo.com – that’s where I check every day. So glad you got back in touch!!!!!!!

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