Sometimes Art isn’t About Making Money

You Can FlyThis is one of my favorite altered book spreads. “You know that dream where you can fly? It’s not a dream” and Define Yourself.

Today I’m going to define what brings me energy as an artist and it isn’t about making money!!

Once you are declared/recognized as a person who makes art, a lot of the time there comes the question. . .  “Do you sell your art?” or “Wow, you could make a lot of money with this”. I have to admit this grates me to the core. I know that it is a form of compliment and I am very grateful that when people see my jewelry they are giving me their appreciation of what I can do with beads.

Beaded SunriseI’ll let you in on a secret – I do art because I love it and it brings me joy, relaxation, meditation, insights, challenges for my brain, and beautiful colors/textures. It’s my exploration & experiments. I do not actually feel the need to sell any of my work.

Here’s my confession – I get sucked into societies “shoulds” and I’m driven to try to sell every piece I make. I have spent a year trying to make pieces for a gallery and create classes for my income. I found myself worn out, frustrated, and defeated. I could not conform to the goal I forced upon myself. If I checked in with my down deep self – she would tell me it’s not about selling. That’s not the way for you.

Did I listen? No.

There are wonderful artists who’s path is an income with their work and I admire their path. It just isn’t mine. I have to honor my path as well and do art ONLY because it makes me happy. I will not close the door of trading my stuff for money, but I am not going to pursue a path that isn’t mine and try to force it.

Are you going down a road of forcing your life? I’m just going to let that hang there.

cropped-chair-back.jpgLife is our canvas and only we can create the art that is our life. We create all the time in how we live our life. What kind of painting are you creating right now? Is it bright colors you put on with a smile and light touch? Is it an angry piece that has slashes of paint thrown on out of frustration? Or is it gray/monotone with a mechanical zombie on it (looking at a cell phone of course)?

This year’s blog series came to be when I was meditating over a 3 day period when my boyfriend goes off hunting to bring us lean, clean meat for the freezer. I use this as a time of reflection & meditation and on Halloween, I found myself writing out this whole concept. I was instantly transported into a bright and shinny world that flowed with ease. Oh, what a vacation from what I had been living! Something that was mine and I could share it with other women who just might feel the same way!!!

The best part is that I just want to do because it makes me happy and I don’t want to exclude anyone due to money. I know that if I do what I’m suppose to do without holding back I will be provided for. I am now satisfied with working part time and teaching jewelry classes at the wonderful bead store where I work! A shout out to Madison Bead Company!!!

In conclusion, my path is not to make a living selling my art. I am here to make art because I love it and help others gain the confidence to find their inner art because it makes them happy. I will continue to create my life with my truth and I invite you to give it a try too!

2 Comments on “Sometimes Art isn’t About Making Money

  1. oh my days I so relate to this! I meander along that road too, on and off, making from love, making to sell, conflicts arise and mojo sinks. Then bobs right back up again and I begin again… 😉

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