January – Time for a Retreat! Getting Ready

reasonsJanuary is a great month to let yourself rejuvenate from the holidays and retreat for self care for the upcoming year. It’s easy to do up here in Wisconsin because it’s hard to get out with the cold & snow (well, usually). I use this month for reflection, art projects, and relaxing with my fuzzy socks.

For the Year of Creative Discovery, this is a great time to start your altered book and decide what your focus will be for the next year. We’ve worked on prepping your book so you can work on it this month. You can get your book ready as you retreat. YES – IT’S TIME FOR A CREATIVE SELF CARE RETREAT!

I try to do one retreat in January to get myself mentally, physically, and spiritually recharged. January is one of my favorite months and I look forward to it – now you can too!

A self-care creative retreat will help you refocus while being creative. This is all about you and you will decide what’s it’s going to look like. I’ll give you my suggestions so you have something to work with but the main purpose is that you spend time outside your normal routine doing only things that will nourish you.

HouseBefore you take your retreat:

  • Schedule it on your calendar! Take as much time as you can (at least 4-5 hours).
  • Take some time to get quiet and listen to what you need. Try writing in a journal for 5-10 minutes without stopping or really thinking about what you’re writing.
  • Take the Wellness_Assessment to see any areas where you need more self care.
  • Download the Self Care File I made for permission slip, ideas, and photos for your altered book.
  • Set a focus or intention for your retreat based on what you need and give yourself permission to take the time you need.  A good question to answer for your intention is – How do I want to feel after my retreat? What do you really need – rest, a fun outing, time with friends, work in your altered book, physical pampering, or being out in nature? Going into your retreat with a basic plan will help you stay focused on your needs & following through with your retreat.
  • Get any supplies you need ready so you don’t spend time looking for stuff. Create a self care basket with pampering & art supplies.
  • basket







Make a list



Taking the time to get ready for your retreat gets you in the mood for taking time away. Self care is serious stuff in a fun & creative way. Sometimes it takes practice taking time for yourself, but it is essential for living your truth.

The next post will give you more ideas for your retreat day.


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