On Your Creative/Self Care Retreat

warm fuzzies altered book pageToday I’ll give you suggestion for what you can do on your creative/self care retreat! The night before start getting ready by organizing what you’ll need and take deep breathes if you start hearing that part of us that doesn’t want to stop. I know that I will hear a recording from the past that says, “you’re lazy if you sit down. What are you doing? You should be. . . . ” Those recordings come from a part of us that is trying to protect us in some way. Maybe we got in trouble because we didn’t do something or we just were fed the recordings that were learned by another person in our life.

It has taken YEARS of practice for me to comfort that part of me that “needs” to be doing and/or “needs” to be my partsperfect. I acknowledge that little voice and send it love & comfort. I have grieved with this part of me who can never feel “good enough”. As you go deeper inside you, you’ll find these little parts of yourself that are scared and need love. We’ll go deeper into loving all the parts of ourselves in February, but for now, start practicing listening to those scared little voices that sound negative and give yourself love.

Now that you have your stuff together, you’ve comforted the parts of you that are nervous about doing something they aren’t used to, say a prayer of gratitude, get a good night sleep.

Altered book spread Start your retreat with a guided meditation to get you grounded and relaxed. Meditation does take practice because we aren’t used to relaxing in our society. I started with recordings of meditations and now I can go quickly into meditation. When you start you’ll get a TON of thoughts randomly because you’re brain is on overload and is actually trying to dump thoughts. Acknowledge the thoughts but don’t focus on them and continue the conversation in your head – just see them flying away. Your brain is a muscle that has been conditioned to always be pumping & flexing. It’s very important to let it relax often. Here’s a link to a 10 minute guided meditation on YouTube.

Now check in with your body – “look” inward and feel what’s going on inside you. Start from the top of your head and make your way down to your toes. How do you feel? What parts of you need attention, relaxing, or more movement? Where there any images that you “saw” inside you or floating outside you? These are symbols of what’s going on inside you and they want to be noticed. It’s usually the parts of us we ignore. When I do a body scan, there’s one part of me I always check on. I have a rage doll looking part of me that is under my rib cage and it is the part of me I run over when I’m too busy. Sometimes it’s totally flat and other times it can sit up. This part of me is the touch stone I use to regulate my activity. I’ve been so used to just doing that I’ve almost destroyed this part of me so I’m now sensitive to my energy level output.

You can journal about what you feel & see or use collage to make a page that symbolizes what your body tells you.

On this retreat DO EXACTLY WHAT WILL NOURISH YOU! Keep it simple, slow, and relaxing. Make retreating a sacred ritual for yourself. You matter, you deserve rest, and you need to replenish.

bits & piecesHere are some other elements that can be used on a retreat: Do the things that your spirit says “yes” to and the ones that scare you a little!

  • Something inspiring (book, museum, Ted Talks, etc)
  • Something creative
  • Something colorful
  • Something nourishing (good food – cooked greens & root veggies, massage, hot shower, bubble bath)
  • Something grounding (get out in nature, actually touch a tree, go to a green house)
  • Something mindful (focus only what you’re doing right now)
  • Some movement (stretching, dancing, walking – keep it low intensity)

Go over your self care assignment and come up with a regular plan that is simple. Make your creative discovery simple & accessible so you can do it easily.

Check in with your body & your gut regularly to feel if you’re doing exactly what you need.

Take a nap or stay in bed all day.

Work in your altered book. Prompts to use: Your perfect day, favorite color, what brings me calm/peace, use the self care wheel on one page and make a plan for yourself on the opposite page, what you want to unlearn, favorite books, songs, etc, 7 adventures I want to go on, have less/do more, what I know/believe, favorite quotes, affirmations, insights and lessons I’ve learned.

Go out and get inspired at a museum, gallery, art supply store, book store, library, an inside garden if it’s cold outside, any place that will fill your soul with goodness.

Get a massage. If you don’t have a lot of time & your muscles need something, go to the mall masseuses – tell them not to dig too deep (those guys are strong).

Take a hot shower and use the massage setting for your shoulders & neck. Use good smelling soap or a shower bomb for aroma therapy.

A bubble bath in the middle of the day.

Have some wine & cheese with some great music.

Unplug everything.

Be silent.

Write in your journal, poetry, or a short story.

Go to a new age book store and browse.

Go to an energy healer to get your chakras aligned and old emotional energy cleared. Make sure the person you see has been practicing for a long time & it’s a passion for them. Be somewhat care of Reiki because there are so many people practicing that the energy has become clouded.

Take a walk and get into nature.

Go to a zoo or museum. If you need more fun in your life go to a children’s museum and play. Go to a toy store and just think about what you played with as a kid.

Go to a movie by yourself.

Watch how to videos on YouTube to get ideas on your altered book or any subject about creativity.

Watch Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday programs – they will uplift you and inspire you. You can find stuff on her website or on demand.

cardsIf you have oracle cards get the out & play. I love my oracle cards!

Do the self care mad libs

Look over the 2016 Creative Discovery board I created on Pintrest for more ideas and creative techniques. There are a lot of ideas so go through them slowly.


Have fun on your time of self care and do what you need! May you be blessed with a feeling of warm comfort!

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