Why It’s Important to Rest, Relax, & Rejuvenate

color mood jDo we really take the time to understand why it’s important to rest and listen to our bodies?

Do you know just how stress & “doing” will effect your body? It took a pretty big health issue to really understand that being a perfectionist & a doer wasn’t something to be so proud of. Our society has shifted it’s respect to those who “can do it all” – especially women. We get to take care of everyone and maybe we might have a few minutes jammed into the end of the day when we can breath.

It’s time to take back our health and the power of setting boundaries! Saying “no” shouldn’t be something to feel guilty about (it’s really hard for me, but I’m getting better). There are some things you can plan before you have to say that “no” to someone/something:

  • Be real with yourself and understand your limits.  We don’t have an endless supply of energy and if we are always running on empty it’s only a matter of time before your body forces you to stop.
  • Make a list of “no” responses and keep it handy – especially when you’re on the phone. The best one is to buy yourself some time so you can check in with yourself to feel if you have it in you to do this. “I’ll get back with you after I check my calendar” gives you time to answer after you think.
  • Who the fuck cares if someone gets mad at you for saying “no”??!!! If they do get mad it’s because they have an issue not you. This is something else I have a problem with – guilt for saying no. We just have to let it go. We can’t be everything for everybody even if that’s what your old programming is telling you.
  • Your first responsibility is to yourself – YOU ARE WORTH IT! You are worthy of just as much love as you would give to someone else.

StressSymptoms-2Stress hormones (cortisone) are a slow burn killer. It eats away at our body until we have a breakdown in some way. Really take a look at the photo and write down all the stuff that apply to you. Let this month be a wake up call before you have a physical/emotional/spiritual/mental breakdown. It will happen unless you stop. I feel so strongly about this since I had to go through cancer and I still have to practice checking in with my energy.

For your book in January:

  • Do the self care assessment.
  • Make a plan to take time for yourself
  • Write your retreat on the calendar and do exactly what you need.
  • Put your self care plan in your altered book.
  • Collage your perfect day.
  • Make a relaxing page spread of images that help to remind you to relax.
  • Write a page of affirmations to help you practice self compassion.
  • Do a body scan meditation. Get quite and “look” inside to see how your body feels. Use the body outline to draw what you find.  BODY (1 of 1)

3 Comments on “Why It’s Important to Rest, Relax, & Rejuvenate

  1. So true about people who get upset about a no. I’ve lost a couple of friends over “no.” Discovered, of course, that they weren’t ever really friends.

  2. You are so right about resting and relaxing will help rejuvenate. I have to stop worrying about things I have no control over. Thanks for posting this.

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