Rethinking My Energy/Mindset When I start the Day

StressSymptoms-2I just posted this yesterday but it applied to me this morning. I got up and turned on my computer, went straight to the coffee pot, and the thought that “had” me was, “what am I supposed to DO this morning?” While waiting for the coffee to get done I started a different blog decided I should do a page in my altered book for that blog pushed my watercolors out of the way to my desk got out my collage supplies. . . . and . . . STOP! My to do’s were all running together in the normal crazy way it does in my mind.

At that moment I stepped back because it hit me that I would be more centered & calm if I started rethinking my mindset when I start the day. If I wake up in go mode then I’m going to burn out before lunch – which usually happens. I immediately did some deep breathing – first breath on the exhale release the past “stuff”, second breath on the exhale release upcoming “stuff”, and on the last breath exhale & focus in the moment. I go inside when I meditate and do a body scan (it takes practice to get used to calming the mind). Then I stretched and imagined my core energy going into the ground and then up through my head so I’m connected to Mother Earth and The Universe.

Now I’m ready to calmly make a page in my altered book. One thing at a time and if I keep checking in with myself I will know what the next step will be.

This morning I’m going to be doing a page about what seeds I want to plant in myself so they start to incubate and grow. Everything takes time and nurturing so I want to nurture trusting my intuition more. I reflected over 2015 and identified the things I did that brought me good energy.

  • What worked the past year was teaching my classes and going to the adult day center to do art with them.
  • Being in a gallery in Mineral Point worked to make connections to Shake Rag Alley and now I’m going to be teaching there.
  • I really like the group I know in Madison Art Guild so that is bringing me energy & inspiration.
  • Helping people and teaching at the bead store brings me energy because I’m helping others in their creative projects.
  • Doing art for me lifts me up and doesn’t stress me.
  • Painting for certain people who ask is fun, but not in mass quantities. Teaching art not selling art brings me the most joy.
  • I love blogging and it gives me a real sense of accomplishment.
  • Having a few close friends doesn’t overwhelm my system right now.
  • Recognizing that I have to run my creative show brought me energy & released tension.

The bottom line for me is teaching and blogging are what is good for me right now. Standing in my power and truth is something I will continue to work on being comfortable with. Using art as a tool for personal satisfaction is where I am comfortable. For 2016 I’m going to practice being in my comfort zone because that tells me where I should be. I know that my comfort zone ebbs & flows so it will move me along.

I don’t thing of a comfort zone as being bad – now if a person gets stuck (and that’s what we think of with a comfort zone) one isn’t really comfortable. We know deep down that something isn’t right and we need to move. A real comfort zone is more peaceful and fulfilling. When we feel out of sync or unsettled, then check to see if our comfort zone wants us to move or branch out. My comfort zone is my inner self or intuition. We need to be in our comfort and not be searching for something we don’t really want.

I am poem

The norm is to “brake out” of our comfort, but we need to do that only if we truly need to. We know when we have to move on because we’ll become uncomfortable, restless, drained, and even angry when we operate where we don’t really want to be. If I’m comfortable and peaceful then I’m staying here until I’m nudged  to move (or hit with a 2X4 most times).

Today’s page I’m working on will be identifying what seeds I want to plant now for 2016. More teaching, more listening, and making sure I can say “no” when I need to.  What seeds do you need to plant to make 2016 more creative & peaceful for you?


3 Comments on “Rethinking My Energy/Mindset When I start the Day

  1. Hi Cathy,

    I want to tell you how much I enjoy your posts. In particular this one. In 2015 I left a “regular” job and have been growing my business Carnelian Sol Designs. It has been very fulfilling.

    I remember the first time I met you. I doubt you remember me. It was at Madison Bead Company and you explained to me what Altered Art is. The light bulb went on and I have been growing my creative mind ever since.

    So, THANKS.

    Have a terrific day, Thanks Allison

  2. This is really helpful to me. I’ve been thinking about my mornings and how to make them more me-friendly. I have to be at work, sure, but I can set up the time before that to make the rest of the day more intentional and less of a blur. Thanks! 🙂

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