My Pages that I’m Working On in January

Happy cold January everyone! I don’t mind the cold because I stay in and do art and I feel very blessed that I am able to do that. Here are my pages that I’m working on:

I'm going to put the 8 Parts of self care here to remind myself

1eI used the self-care wheel for the 8 areas of my life that I need to nurture for the left side. I am going to write in more specific ways I can do that under each area.

I always do my pages in steps That way I’m not rushing through the self reflection process of the page topic. The altered book pages are the container for your reflection. The more attention you give to your pages & the topic, the more you will fill that container. Fill your containers and you gain self awareness, practice being in the moment, and a pretty cool visual journal!

doodling to relaxFound word doodle. I put a square around the words/phrases I want to save and then go to Pintrest for ZenDoodles ideas. I do some doodles until I don’t feel like it anymore and I’ll come back later to continue.

I doodle to relax or if I’m bored. Repetitive hand movement actually helps your body to relax, heart rate go down and blood pressure go down. I think about it as active meditation. You really get caught up in your creative flow and focus on the moment you’re in.


Altered Book Page 2016 focus

I did the paint background first, circled the words on the page I wanted to focus on, collage pieces next, then my journaling. I didn’t really like what my hand writing looked like but I talked to my inner perfectionist about my pages are not for a gallery & this isn’t a competition. I embrace my pages no matter what. It is symbolic of accepting myself no matter what I think doesn’t “look good”. Doodling came last – it always adds so much to a page and I love it.


The seeds I'm planting altered book pageDuring one of my mini retreats, I reflected about what “worked” last year for me. I thought about the activities that brought me energy & joy when I was doing them and what situations drained me & got me stuck.

I drew a large spiral as the path I walked last year and wrote on the spiral the events that happened in 2015. I circled the stuff that worked and thought about what I want more of in my life in 2016.

I saw it as planting seeds of the energy/situations I want to harvest in the fall. I drew seeds sprouting and the buds being the fruit.

You can use this exercise to help you focus on what you want more of this coming year. If you don’t know what you want, how can good stuff come to you?


Here are some downloads you can use in your books – especially if you need to start your first page.

Contents page in altered bookYou can print this out here. Use this as your table of contents or cut out topics from a magazine for your book.


Need some words & phrases? Download a sheet of stuff I cut out here.







2 Comments on “My Pages that I’m Working On in January

  1. Love the ideas here and reflecting on 2015 and writing intentions for 2016. I have been feeling really overwhelmed and lost for a couple weeks and I know doing this art journal will help me. I just need to start! Well, on Friday eve, my house will be all mine and I have made a creative date with myself!

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