Super Easy Altered Book Page to Help You Gain Your Sanity

Super Easy Altered Book PageHere’s a super easy altered book page to help you gain your sanity!  A Stop Doing List!

We all need more space in our day to relax and de-stress so what about making a stop doing list in your altered book? We all have to do lists that are overwhelming just to look at so take this liberating step of cutting a few things out.

You can choose specific items, the stuff that wastes your time (Facebook or TV), or more broad personality traits.

This is a great page to do after you review your past year to see what brought you energy and what drained you (see post here). Making a page in your altered book to remind you to do more of what “worked” last year for you and drop the shit that got you bogged down will seal your decisions within you.


Playing with watercolors for this page:

You can use an inexpensive box of watercolors of use tubes if you have them. I use a paintbrush you can fill with water and squeeze it to wet the brush (Pentel Aquash Water Brush). You can get them at craft stores or on Amazon.

Watercolors in an altered bookStart with your title box. Paint a thin layer of a medium color then add a darker color on one side and lighter color on the other. Let the paint mix on it’s own.

The paint will bleed through a thin page in a book – that’s ok. Just try not to go over the same spot too much so it rips your page. Use a light touch when painting.






imagePaint more boxes – 4 or 5 should be enough. I used Dewert Inktense water soluble pencils to outline the boxes. I love scribbly messy pages so I wasn’t very neat with my outlines. Remember you can try out different ways to do pages and there is no risk at all! This is your private book.



Here’s what the pencil looks like when you add water. These pencils are really intense colors and it’s ink so it’s permanent. Great for adding details.


Super Easy Altered Book PageNow for writing your list in the boxes and adding doodles. A great way to doodle is to add a black line around your colors. I added a gold gel pen line around the letters in the title.

Spending time on this page while you’re thinking about what to stop in your life will help you remember to stop when it comes up. Making art while you are meditating about a subject reinforces it in your subconscious and conscious mind.


What do you want to Stop Doing today?


2 Comments on “Super Easy Altered Book Page to Help You Gain Your Sanity

  1. I made a whole list of things to stop worrying about: most are crazy things I shouldn’t be spending any time on anyway. I like the idea of a “stop doing” list, too.

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