The Best Tool for Relaxing – Doodle!

waitingHave you had a busy day or it’s late at night & your brain can’t shut off? Are you waiting for someone? Are you just bored? I’ve got the best tool for relaxing (or a good use of extra time) – DOODLE!

Studies show that repetitive hand motions helps to lower blood pressure and relax the body. I know because I use doodling to relax and calm myself. I have taught people receiving chemo treatments to doodle. While I was spending time with them I saw their bodies relax and smiles appear on their faces. It really does work!

Doodley DoI can spend hours in my art journal repeating shapes and lines. That really is what makes up a doodle – repeating shapes & lines.

I do the pages little by little. The page here took me several evenings to complete so don’t think you have to do it all at once.

Doodling is not:

  • a race
  • a competition
  • for an art gallery
  • for comparison with anyone else (especially with those who have spent years exploring this craft).

doodle bugHere’s a Doodle handout to get you started.

Just relax





doodle bug 1Pick up a pen – doesn’t matter which one. You can experiment with different pens – there are a lot out there! I like gel pens because they flow nice and don’t bleed.




doodle bug 2Try different things until you want to try something else. Some doodles you’ll like and some you won’t. Just like all the rest of the art you create.




doodle bug 3Doodling is for fun and it’s going to help you relax. I think of it as an active meditation. You can do it anywhere – even in meetings or classes. Doodling along with note taking increases your ability to remember what you’re hearing.

It’s another way to use art as a tool in your life – HAPPY DOODLES!

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