Doodling Your Way – That’s the “Right” Way

doodle 1There are a lot of “how to” doodle books out there right now and they are great help to get you started. One thing to ALWAYS remember is to not compare your doodles with anyone else’s. Remind yourself that this is your time and your expression of the creative song in your heart. Doodling YOUR WAY – that’s the right way!

Your art comes from your soul and your expression of that wonderful creative soup we dip into. We are all different so even our doodles should have the flavor of us.

doodle with ink 1All the art that I do (beadwork, painting, collage, doodles) all have my love of color & texture. You can pick my experiments out because they look like “me”. I do not strive to have my art look like anyone’s because that would not be an authentic representation of my soul.

The more I create and talk about it, the more I see art as a perfect place to practice my individuality. Trying to make my art a copy of what I see is like trying to make myself into a copy of what society dictates as normal.

Get inspired by the “how to’s” , books, and workshops but remember to make it look like you. Don’t compare your creative license with any other. The goal is for your stuff to look like you and NOT like the example. Your altered book is the perfect place to practice loving what you make. Take pride in your experiments! Take pride in you!!!

Conforming with your art and trying to jam it into the box someone else created is a recipe for failure, just like trying to be something you think you “should” be. We have been programmed to think we should mold ourselves into the “right” way to create, love, worship, and act. I’m here to tell you that is bullshit and you will always fail if you keep that mold. The more we try, the more we fail, the more we think we should try, and the more we fail.

The only thing you can do perfectly is to be yourself and fucking break that mold!!!!

doodleThe Tale of Two Lives:

One life feels hard and unforgiving

I throw that one away

I try on my own life

It’s my size!


This is why I’m so passionate about finding your art and your style because you find yourself. It’s great practice to find inspiration in learning from other’s examples – but don’t stop there. Experiment with how you want to put the shapes together and what lines you want to repeat.

experienceWhat do you want to experience in your life? What do you want to create first in your art and then in your life? Make it your own!

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