How Meditation can Help You Talk with Your Parts

Altered Book Meditation pageMeditation is a very valuable skill that takes practice. You learn a lot by getting quiet. Meditation can help you talk with your parts!

When you start to meditate, your brain starts too & it goes in all sorts of weird directions. The more you meditate the calmer your mind gets, but don’t ever expect silence. Practice just letting those thoughts float through instead of grabbing them mentally and dissecting them. Just think, “oh it’s you” and let the conversation stop there.

The body scan meditation looks for symbols that come up. Your unconscious self speaks in symbols. Sometimes I understand and sometimes I don’t, but by just sitting with these symbols, I’ve taken another step toward understanding more about my authentic self.

BODY (1 of 1)Here’s what I saw as I looked inside and asked about how my organs really worked. Your body knows so much more then we give it credit for, you know “trust your gut” and intuition? Yeah it’s your compass for your true path.

I learned it from a friend that studies focusing. Here’s a link to the website of the Focusing Institute.

How to do the body scan meditation that I practice:

Get quiet and lay down. Really soft meditation music can be played but no headphones.

  • I start with the top of my head and “look” inside. I use my inner eye to see what’s going on.
  • I go down my whole body very slowly. If I see or sense a picture, color, or thing I stop.
  • Just observe what the symbol is. Don’t try to think about what it means (so hard for me). Is is staying the same, moving, changing? Where is it inside your body or is it outside your body in your aura?
  • Tell it you see it. What does it make you feel? Does it make you anxious, calm, sad? You can acknowledge that and tell it, I feel that you are ________________.
  • Your job here is to just observe without judgement or figuring it out while you meditate.

This meditation will help you connect with your inner self and help you listen to your gut & what you’re feeling. Listening to your gut and taking a minute to check in with your inner self does help you make decisions that are more aligned with your authentic self.

body scan for bookYou can use the body silhouette to draw in what and where you saw while you meditated. Body Scan Shapes (download and print here)

The more you get in-touch with what’s going on inside you, the better decisions you can make for you. Trusting your gut really helps with healthy boundaries and identifying your true parts.

2 Comments on “How Meditation can Help You Talk with Your Parts

  1. Have you ever tried yoga nidra? It’s a meditation where you direct your focus around the body bit by bit. There are lots of apps if you’re interested in it.

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