Honor all Your Parts in Your Altered Book

bits & piecesAs you meditate and start discovering some of your different parts you’ll find there are powerful pieces shoved in a corner. You will probably feel uncomfortable with some parts of you that need your attention. This is a great time to honor all your parts in your altered book.

In the Shaman tradition, it’s believed that after a trauma a part of you leaves and they do a soul retrieval to bring these fragments of you back. Now, let’s be honest we go through many traumas in this life. We do become fragmented and push what we’re told is “bad” gets pushed down. Some of these parts become our shadow side and we will be taking a whole month to uncover, understand, and love these parts.

PossiblityFor this month I would love it if you saw all the possibilities of uncovering parts of you that have been forgotten. You were made perfectly YOU and every part is needed to become your authentic self. It’s only when someone tells us we’re “bad” because of their issues that we try to suppress that trait in us.

This happens a lot when we’re young. We innocently and proudly show our whole selves (I love watching kids spaz out because that’s exactly who they are). When we don’t meet the expectations of grown ups we get told we’re bad. This is really confusing and traumatizing for kids because they’re just being themselves. In a little kids mind bad actions = bad self. This bad self isn’t allowed to come out and play anymore so we become fragmented.

my favorite thingsWhen I was in kindergarten I talked a lot and my teacher called me Chatty Cathy (after the doll). I remember putting my head on the desk and crying – my heart had been broken. I still feel it when I think of that moment. I’m sure you just thought about a time this happened to you.

Now that I’m an adult and a teacher/coach I need my ability to talk and it’s one of my most precious qualities. Of course that time in kindergarten wasn’t the last time I got in trouble for talking. Sometimes your parts refuse to go down quietly – honor those parts because they are some of your best!

my partsI did a page as my own shaman ceremony where I called back those parts I suppressed to fit into someone else’s small minded vision for me. This is usually the case – someone else has the issues and they need you to conform so they feel better.

When you’re ready, make a collage & journaling page to call back the parts you gave up and claim your unity. Practice being proud of all that you are – little by little, piece by piece. Let the feeling of being whole wash over you and celebrate all that you are. You were made perfectly for you and you are all good.


2 Comments on “Honor all Your Parts in Your Altered Book

  1. Meditation is hard. I’m trying, believe me. I cried because I couldn’t shut down my mind. It was so stubborn and presistent!! ugglskdjfkldfjkldsj

    • That is a misconception that your mind stops. Mine does not stop. I acknowledge the thought is there but don’t interact with it. The other day my to do list wouldn’t stop scrolling through so when I thought about the next thing I had to do I “saw” the thought in my head. I didn’t start planning how to get it done. You can even imagine a bulletin board that you pin your thoughts to as you PRACTICE calming the mind. It takes a lot of time & practice (years) to be able to fall into the meditation. This is s great place to really perfect self compassion. You don’t have to be a monk with this, it’s just giving yourself a mental time out. Focus on the fact you are trying. Meditation is hard. Try listening to nature sounds or doodling for a more “active” way to unplug. Think about it as unplugging from responsibility instead of meditation. Let me know how it goes! You are doing great!!!!

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