Vaseline in Your Altered Book!

Background page with VaselineI use Vaseline as a resist on my canvases and it works for your altered book pages too!! A resist is something that prevents your paint from sticking to the surface you’re using.

Start by collaging some magazine photos on your page. I used the slick pages so the Vaseline will wipe off easily.

Use images that have a good overall design instead of detail because most of it will be covered up. I was drawn to the colors of the pinks with the oranges of the lighting.

Altered Book background pageI put Washi tape around the edges of the lightening image and then put the strip of the pink glass on top.

Now get a small amount of Vaseline on your finger and wipe it from top to bottom in stripes. They don’t have to be perfect at all – make them uneven.

You don’t need much Vaseline – just a thin layer so it won’t be hard to wipe off later.

Altered book page

You can see the shiny area where I have the Vaseline. After you paint on top, the paint will stick to the area without the resist (Vaseline) and it will wipe off where you have the resist.



Altered Book page


Now brush on some paint. Top to bottom in a thin layer (so it covers your image). I used a large flat square brush to paint the page. The flat square brushes are good for painting large areas.



Altered Book Page

As it drys you’ll see the paint start to crack & pull away where the resist is. I used a hair dryer to speed up the process. Note: the Vaseline won’t dry.

After it’s dry, use a kleenex or toilet paper to wipe off the Vaseline. Go from top to bottom in “strips”. Do this gently and not with paper towel (too rough). You do need to get as much of the grease off as possible. Just go slowly and don’t scrub.

Altered Book Page

This is what you will end up with. After I wiped all the greasy off, I painted on a coat of acrylic matt medium (Golden brand that you can get at a craft store) so it will be easier to work on. I thought it might be still a little slippery to glue & write on.

Don’t worry if you don’t have matt medium – just make sure it’s not slippery.

vasaline pagevasaline page 1So here’s how my spread turned out. I used Washi tape on all the outside edges for continuity between the pages. I also used the same paint colors on the left side so they coordinate but not match.

If you doodle on your paint – use a thin tip Sharpie so it sticks. You may ruin the marker because it is hard to write on slippery surfaces. I keep a piece of paper next to me to scribble on when the marker dries out. I find a light pressure when writing on slick paint works good with the marker also write on different parts of the point.

Always keep in your mind that these pages don’t have to be done quickly or perfectly. You can do one page per week (or longer) if you want. One good thing about writing on slick paint, you can wipe it off if you don’t let your design set up. I wiped off two different areas on this page before I doodled what was comfortable for me (circles).

Have fun and work at your own pace. Don’t compare your work with anyone elses’ because you have done something wrong if it looks just like another page you see (it’s not your authentic self shinning through). You also don’t have to work outside your comfort zone either. Doing this book is outside what you’d normally do so keep it comfortable by using colors you “always” use or find the colors you want to always use. I use the same colors & doodles over and over again. This book is for discovery but also comfort. Be comfortable when you can. Be safe and be loving toward what you do.





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