When do you know it’s time to alter your collage?

Altered Book spread 2 miracles in 1I’ve been passing this page spread since I made it and it still didn’t seem “right” to me. There was something that I just didn’t like so after a month of not liking it, I knew it was time to alter my collage.

In a previous blog I wrote about the creative process-how your project starts out great in your head and there’s a lot of excitement. As you start your project it might take a different path than you expected so you start to not like it. . .

the track of a projectAs I create my art (bead embroidery pieces, paintings, and collage projects) there is always a time that I really don’t like what I’m doing. I finally realized that is part of the process and your creation is still developing.

Think of fetuses – they’re pretty ugly until they’re fully formed. What you are creating isn’t fully formed until it’s done. If you don’t like what you’re making just remember that it’s part of the creative process – DON’T STOP. Your creation just needs more time.

That being said, if you sit with a piece and it just doesn’t feel right after you have done all you want to, it may need more or different stuff. If you aren’t satisfied with your page (and it’s not just your perfectionism/inner critic buzzing in your ear), then changing/adding/subtracting is needed.

imageThis is the page that really bugged me. I didn’t like the dress form and the red & green tag. I liked the post card, vintage picture from my hometown Baraboo, WI, and the home letters. I was so so about the clock.

I went to my stash of magazine cut outs to find something that would cover the upper 1/2 of the page. I also took off the red & green label which pulled off some paint & the page.


page redoI found an image from a Sommerset Studio magazine, some transparent stickers of vintagy butterflies, and a transparent sticker of script. I also used key stickers for hands on the clock. I also changed the words on the other page and added a butterfly sticker next to the bear that matched the other stickers.


another page redoimageimageHere’s another page where my experiment of smearing some of the ink on my doodles went too far. I didn’t get upset, I just collaged over it, outlined the flower heart in black, and put “The Glee of getting Mad” on.

The moral of the story is: 1) Sit with your pages to make sure they are fully formed or need more attention from you. 2) You will like parts of your pages more than other parts and that’s ok! 3) This book is to make you happy so look at your pages as if they were done by your friend and not with an overly critical eye. 4) Trust your gut!

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