How you can get the most out of Pintrest inspiration.

Altered Book Spread When I finally jumped on the Pintrest bandwagon, I fell in love. I now have a wealth of inspiration at my finger tips. On the other hand, some of the projects are way beyond my experience with the media and I become intimidated. How can you get the most out of Pintrest and make projects your own? Here’s how I do it. . . .

Inspiration is a key word, not copy. This altered book is all about your inner art and your creative style at this exact point in your life. At this point in my life (because I’ve been practicing & playing with my style),  I’m more confident translating inspiration into my style. Here’s my process:

Balzer DesignsDonna Downey page(These beautiful pages are saved under the artist’s that did them)


Full Tilt Boogie journal pageThese are the pages that I have pinned on my altered book board on Pintrest. What I really liked about them was the vertical stripes and using Washi tape. I really like the magazine page that’s ripped and glued down with spaces.

When you look at a piece that someone else did and you really like it, take some time and identify what specifically you like about it. Is it color, texture, the media that was used, the pattern, etc. . . Look deeper into yourself so you understand what makes your creative part sing.

I just love the page above done by B-Kay (Full Tilt Boogie journal page) because of the music page, red & black, and the tickets. I started my page by getting out my Washi tape and collage stuff with the scrapbook paper printed in stripes.

imageI start out with everything that I think is interesting or that “may” work.

When I do a collage, I spend a lot of time just playing with the placement of the pieces. This takes time and this is exactly where your style comes in – how do you want your stuff on the page? Which things make it onto the page and what goes back in your stash.

The more you practice the more confident you become in picking what works.

imageAfter playing around I wanted the tickets to overlap the paper & tape so I put those down first. The tickets went on next and I worked from left to right.

The playing process doesn’t stop until everything gets glued down. You may change your mind about different pieces until you finish the page.

Your process is part of your style. Do your creating however and wherever you want. How you do what you do is an important part of your authentic style. As you become comfortable creating your authentic style, you’ll find that you become more comfortable being more authentic away from your altered book.

Your art comes from a deep down place that needs encouragement to come out because it’s probably been hurt at some point. If your old programming comes from a need to please other people (and put them first), then this authentic part of you was told to be seen & not heard at some point. My old programming is deep when it comes to not voicing my opinion and it’s only been in the last few years that I’m really beginning to trust my wisdom. Just know that it takes practice and baby steps to take back your truth and stand firm in it.

Altered Book SpreadHere’s my finished page and I love it. I do have a large paper cutter that really helps with my art. I don’t think they’re too expensive.


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