Mosaics in your altered book

pintrest inspriationHere’s a great page from Pintrest that I really liked. Mosaics with a black background. Randomly cut up scrap paper and glue it down on black scrapbook paper.



mosaicHere’s mine. I couldn’t find any black paper so I used gray. It’s not the same but it worked for this page. I’m going to paint a page black so I can do another mosaic.

I went with rectangles & squares. I cut up a bunch from 2 magazine pages with interesting color/texture. You can use the pages as “paint” for their color and design.

I was going to use all the magazine pieces but I found the little woman image so I used that in there. I saw that the key sticker fit perfectly and then I found the “believe” image.

Here’s a design tip I learned in my painting class – make “lines” on your piece so the eye has a path to follow. I put a diagonal line of the silver balls and there’s a “line” created by the images and the bottom of the pot in the silver balls on the left hand side.

Altered BookYou can see the path on the right side page that goes from the top of the page down the middle with all white images.


You DO NOT need to stress about your pages having direction – It actually starts to happen subconsciously after you practice making pages. You can look at what you’ve already done and there will probably be a path you made without thinking about it.

I’ll pop in some techniques I’ve learned in college here and there, just for fun. You are not getting graded and you don’t have to follow any techniques.


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