Sponging and stenciling in our altered books

Sponging & Stenciling Altered Book pageHow about a sponging and stenciling tutorial for our altered book? That’s what I thought this morning.

Sponging is really fun and messy. You can use this in your altered book, on your walls, or paint your furniture. The only real “rule” is to put on enough layers of sponging. If you aren’t “feeling” it, then put more layers on.

Use a medium tone color, one that’s darker, and one that is lighter. Any acrylic paint will do. I love the color selection of the craft paints in small bottles and the price is right at about $1.00/bottle.

sponges You can get a pack of sponges from the craft store or in the paint section of a big box store.

All sponges will have a different texture and look when you sponge.



sponging in altered bookI picked a page spread that I had already colored with Distressed Stain from Tim Holtz (Michael’s Craft store).

Tin foil makes a great pallet and you just toss it when you’re done.

Blot your sponge in paint and then blot on your pallet to get some off. It’s better to use less paint in each layer and then paint more layers instead of big gobs of paint.

The first few layers you do may not appeal to you – keep going!

su 3Here is a layer of metallic blue and then a layer of brown.

When I say layer I am referring to you pouncing your sponge in a random pattern until the paint is gone. Then you get another color to go on top and in different areas.

Do your medium color, then some dark, some medium, some light.


su 4The picture is a little reflective so it’s shiny but here is about the midway point on my page. I’ve got all the colors on and I’ll do more dabbing lightly with colors for accents.




page 9No that I’ve sponged enough, I’m going to stencils with gesso. Gesso is thicker than paint so the image will have some texture.

I’m using a pallet knife to scrap the gesso on. I like using a pallet knife to get enough gesso in the stencil.



page 8Here we go. . .page 7

Spread the gesso all over the stencil. Some got off but that will just add to the page.



page 6And here’s what it looks like.






page 5Now I’m going to use another stencil with paint and the pallet knife.

You can use your washi tape to hold your stencil in place. It’s good because you can pull it right up so nothing sticks on your page.



page 4My page was warped and bumpy so it was harder to scrape the paint on.

page 3It turned out messier than I wanted so I’ll let that dry and use the stencil again on top.




page 2I’m going to stencil with a sponge and a lighter color so the flowers are sharper. The darker color underneath will act as shadows because they bleed out behind.

Using a sponge and pouncing off some of the paint before using it will make sure the paint doesn’t squish under the stencil.



sponging pageI put a little blue on the edges of the light color I stenciled for detail.

I have a pretty cool background page now.









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