Seeing the lessons you’ve learned

Lessons learnedPeriodically I get an urge to write down lessons I’ve learned. Yesterday I got to thinking about what I’ve learned from both my sons. I wanted to celebrate what they’ve taught me in a page.

We learn all sorts of lessons from those in our lives. I’ve had to overcome a lot of negativity with some people close to me. I needed to celebrate what I’ve learned growing through a very poor self image growing up.

My soul wanted to experience a lot of situations that tried to make me believe that I’m not worthy, my thoughts aren’t correct, I’m a sinner, and a failure. Coming out the other side, I’ve learned that none of that is true. I’m very smart, a warrior, conqueror, my power is far from sinful, and I can choose what I believe is true. I trust my gut because inside is the only place I need to look for answers. My truth is perfect for me.

I am still learning to speak my truth and have an anxious reaction to any man that gets mad at me, but so be it. I am who I am – period.

We are the most beautiful when we are our true selves not apologizing for our deep authenticity – faults and all.

Warrior's Spiritwhat I learned in collegeHere’s a couple other pages of things I’ve learned.




It’s a great affirmation to write down what you’ve learned from your path so far. You just might be surprised at just how much wisdom you have.

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