Meditating on Love in my Altered Book

Be Love Altered Book pageI’ve been meditating a lot lately on self care/self love and love in general. I find that those who struggle with loving themselves have deep wounds that act like weeds chocking out our beautiful spirits.

These weeds obscure the sunlight of our authentic selves. We get scared to show who we really are because at some point we were told that wasn’t good.

We humans crave love – it’s our sunshine and nutrients for growing a healthy, confident, and joyful authentic self.

My new mantra is: Be Love – first to yourself & then to others

It’s necessary for us to practice loving ourselves so we are able to fully love others. We can’t honestly love someone else (without baggage) if we don’t first love ourselves. Sit with this thought for a while – what feelings creep or jump up?

Were you aware of just how important it is to love yourself?

Do you put yourself on the back-burner?

Do you have a habit of people pleasing? Do you get anxious if you think someone is unhappy because you haven’t sacrificed enough for them?

BeforeIt is only old programming and a habit to always put others first. That’s what is keeping you small.

You are important! You matter as much as anyone else! Your truth is perfect for you! You are beautiful!

Here’s something to practice with yourself first, then take it out to the world –

Joy is love exalted. Peace is love in response. Long suffering is love enduring. Gentleness is love in society. Goodness is love in action. Faith is love on the battlefield. Meekness is love in school and temperance is love in training.

How are you loving yourself today?

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