The Creative Brain

Make a listMost of the stuff that makes me happy is in my art and my altered books. If you can identify, then you can proudly claim to be a creative!

The only difference between those who call themselves artists (or creatives) and those that don’t think they are is recognizing we all have a creative brain. Individual expression through whatever medium is creative. If our brains are creative and we express ourselves then we are artists. Every artist has a unique way of being them and all people are unique. We are all unique and we create the lives we live, therefore, we are all artists of our lives.

Our brains are all wired differently and we process the information around us in our unique ways. That leads to our expression being different. It is in these differences that our bright inner selves shine.

Even though our brains process differently, I find that those who funnel their unique way of expressing themselves into one area (visual art, music, fashion, etc) have similar mental experiences. It took me a long time to understand that this is the way my brain works and to go with my creative flow.

The creative brain:

  • Works overtime putting ideas together
  • Has a hard time shutting down
  • Sees all the interesting things around it
  • Asks “why” . . . A LOT
  • Forgets ideas easily
  • Comes up with millions of ideas all at once
  • Gives the body boosts of adrenaline when exploding with ideas
  • Wants to dance
  • Wants to be a rebel (or just do it’s own thing)
  • Is distracted by shinny things (or squirrels)
  • Ok, it”s just plain distractable
  • Multi- tasks
  • “What if” is a major player in the decision making process
  • Loves in a childlike way especially fireworks, fairie wands, gem stones, games, and those close to them
  • Gets lost in daydreaming
  • Has an ebb and flow all it’s own

my creative brainThis is a pretty good representation of what is going on in my head all the time – even when I try to go to sleep. I am learning to work with that ebb & flow of my creative brain as I express what’s going on in my altered book.

If I’m tired and don’t have much brain power – I rest and look at inspiration in Pintrest or magazines. I know that I will have more ideas & energy soon.

If I have a ton of great ideas, I write them down for later because I know they will escape my memory (we can only hold so much). When I can’t remember that great thing I thought of last night, I don’t get too upset because I have learned I won’t run out of ideas.

doodling to relaxIf I can’t sleep at night, I either meditate in bed or go with my ideas to see where they lead me. Sometimes I get up and doodle while I listen to Podcasts. I try not to fight and fight to get to sleep – that doesn’t work as we all know.

Understanding your creative brain just means you are focused (or mindful) of it’s ebb & flow. Work with your brain to rest when it’s tired and go with the crazy ride when it’s on fire.

Working these things out in your altered book will help to remind you of your personal patterns. You have to know what’s going on inside you physically, mentally, and spiritually to live the “fully uniquely you” life you were born to live.

One Comment on “The Creative Brain

  1. I totally relate to this all! My mind is always thinking and it overwhelms me at times. But expressing myself creatively is my passion and I am learning a lot about myself this year. Thanks for your part in that!!!

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