my creative brainI’ve been getting a lot insights into my creative brain lately. Mine goes at light speed with an over abundance of ideas. This morning when I was meditating with my oracle cards (Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reed) I got an insight about using an Idea Box. This is not a new concept but it was timely to me. The idea box is a space to hold ideas until they are ready to be acted on.

A creative brain will never run out of ideas, in fact, it creates ideas non stop – are you saying “yes” right now? These ideas all seem too wonderful to let go of so we feel the pressure to remember them all. This will lead to a head space of confusion (what to do next), guilt (there’s not enough time), and even shame (I’m lazy if I can’t do all these things). There is a lot of time that I spend exhausted just from all the ideas that I don’t do anything.

Your muse is not working against you, it’s working the only way it knows how – flowing with ideas. You can CHOOSE which ideas you want to follow. You don’t need to follow all your ideas into the planning and “I should” stage. Appreciate them for what they are – mental projects. You can have many mental projects and a select number of material projects.

doodle with ink 1Mental projects are just as valuable as the ones you birth into the material world. Practice being comfortable just appreciating the beautiful mental images your wonderful creative spirit thinks up.

Your muse is bringing you the gift of beauty and not the pressure of bringing it to life.

Most of the images that pop into my mind never come out exactly the way it is in my head. If I’m telling the truth, nothing turns out the way it started in my head. This leads me to believe that there are two realms of creativity – the one in your head and the one that comes out as projects.

 idea boxThe idea box can help you calm your feelings down when your brain is going a million miles an hour. I have collaged a blank cardboard box that I got a craft store. I can write down my ideas on a small piece of paper and drop them it. When I want a project to do I have my handy box of goodies to reach into. You can let your guilt go now that you have “saved” your brilliant twinkly seeds of inspiration. Sometimes that is all that is needed for you to feel that you’ve honored your muse.

Find your way to honor all your star dusted ideas and it might not include actually putting them on paper (right now). Look into what excites you about that idea – is it the color or technique? Maybe that’s what you write on your paper – USE TURQUOISE and GLITTER!

Use this blog to let go of the expectation that you need to make everything that pops into your head – it’s your choice.


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