Read Your Own Story

What is your story?

Do you ever really think about the stories you tell yourself and where they have come from?

Are the lyrics to the song you sing to yourself your words or are they the word of others that you have mistakenly taken on as your own?


One way to look at self discovery is to look at the narrative that runs in your head. You live your life according to the story you have created. If we do not examine those songs, poems,  fables, and gossip pieces we believe about ourselves then we are not living in our OWN truth.

I examine the thoughts in my head through the collage of images and words. I have found that a majority of what I thought was true about myself is really other people’s issues projected onto me. I valued other people’s opinion so much that I believed their perception above what my truth really was.

It was built

Our story is built piece by piece as we walk our path in this life. Our greatest mission in this life is to find our own truth.

Not the truth of others.

Not the lies others tell us because of their pain.

Not the standards of society.

Not what “they” might think.

Not the false values when we compare ourselves to others.

It is time to rewrite your story with your truth.



A great way to rewrite your story is with an altered book. You are physically taking apart a book and recreating it with your beauty. As you create you are able to appreciate the style that is your own through the colors and textures you choose. You will change the words to fit who you really are.

This process takes a life time and it can be hard to believe your truth. It is difficult to lay down what you thought was true and craft a new story, but that new story brings brilliance.

You will gain a self confidence and focus that you may not have had. The whirling thoughts about what others think will be quieted. You will gain your peace. You will gain a love for yourself. You will find what a bright soul you are after you dust off the bullshit from your story.

I’m in the middle of writing a book about how to use art as a tool in your life and have been stuck on the self discovery chapters. Self discovery is such a broad theme – how do I explain it? Then the block crumbled and I saw how I deconstructed my story using an altered book. I have been rewriting my story for the past 12 years and I couldn’t be more in love with myself. I see my soul and what lessons it came here to learn. Now that I know more of my truth I am able to be more of who I’m suppose to be.

What is your story?



One Comment on “Read Your Own Story

  1. This is something I have done ion various ways over the years. It is so therapeutic ! Thank you so much for the follow of my blog – truly appreciate it 🙂

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