Road Blocks with Your Project 

I’ve had a road block with writing my book for several months. At first the section of “self discovery through the creative process” was blank in my mind. 

About a month ago I had an idea start to form around that section will focus on story. The story we repeat to ourselves may have been written by other people. We listened & believed to what people told us when we were young. When you’re young you just believe what’s said. (This is kinda juicy isn’t it?)

I now have the focus but details are hard coming. I’m in the birthing pain part of creating and it’s uncomfortable. It’s restless with an urgency. 

So today I just started doing a page in the journal. I made a path for writing the events in my life on in chronological order. 

So whatever you might be restless about doing – start at the beginning, take little steps, and be compassionate with yourself. 

One Comment on “Road Blocks with Your Project 

  1. Hi Cathy,

    I may have written before, in which case this is an update of my blog.

    I’m Jo, I’m an artist, writer, traveller, wild west nut ( and renaissance soul. I’ve recovered from thirty years of depression and anxiety and I’m blogging about the rebuilding of my polymath creative lifestyle.

    I’m hoping to reach people with mental health issues and creatives in general to give encouragement, inspiration and hopefully some enjoyment. I wondered if you’d like to read it. Thankyou.

    Jo UK

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