Purging in an Altered Book


Purging in your altered book/art journal is an excellent way to retain your sanity and calm anxieties. This is the basis of using art as therapy – get the crap OUT! I also use mine as a inspirational book and write my favorite quotes in.

We feed our brain by focusing on stuff. Once we add it into our library of information it’s there to either create a positive atmosphere or a negative scary one. We have gotten used to all the negative from all the “news” sources over the past years and we are feeding our thoughts (and soul) with fear. Now more than ever people are stressed and sick over the “what if’s” that they think up because of all the fuel of negative bullshit out in the world.

What Haunts Me 1

Purging or pouring out your pent up emotions on a page is very therapeutic because it gets that fearful energy OUT of your body. When we get scared or anxious there is an energy that builds up inside us. Mine felt like a whirl in my gut. This energy wants to do something and if we don’t exercise that energy it will stay in our body. If we let this active negative energy build up in our systems, our body will start to break down. We will form a habit of letting this fear that comes from our lizard brain (our primal instincts) rule our lives.


Practice purging in a journal either with collage or writing. Anything to clean out the shit that is clogging up your head. It is hard to describe what happens when you practice purging but it seems magical after you are finished. Things seems less intense, you can look at your thoughts objectively when they are on paper.

There is too much information flying around that focuses on just the problem. That is dangerous because it reinforces the fear and not what positive action we can take. This activates that flight response with nowhere to run. The negative energy gets stuck in us.

The creative flow (doing anything creative) helps to channel that energy and get our minds off the unknown. Now more than ever it’s so very important to purge creatively.


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