Unsettled, Anxious, Angry? Get Clear and Release.

Doodle and Jung quote2017 has started out with a collective angst that is hard to shake. Social media is ripe with fear, anger, and speculation so where do we find emotional peace?

In the silence of our own space.

It has never been more critical to practice mindfulness and focusing on the moment you are in. What are you feeling – right now? What can you do for yourself – right now? Why are you reacting the way you are – right now? Carl Jung advocated getting clear about what part you are playing in the collective unconscious. Calling what is effecting us on the inside out into the open so we can get clear.

There is a lot of confusion and hopelessness being generated right now. I feel it in my bones and my gut. I don’t know what to do next – that is the story I’ve told myself and it is just a story. The reality is my focus is to get myself clear so I do know what I should do next. If I get caught up in all the panic around me then I will remain foggy and nervous.

get-clearJanuary is a rest and reorganize month for me. This year I haven’t fully engaged in rest because I’m caught up in the collective energy. That does nothing for my spirit right now.

Visual journaling to the rescue!!!! The time is ripe for us to take time to get clear on the feelings that are swirling around. Take one feeling at a time. One point of anger at a time. One spiritual issue pressing on us at a time. One page per “thing” and dig deep.

  • Find images that resonate with you and do.  some college.
  • Do several collage pages at once.
  • Get quite for a few minutes and ask yourself what to journal about.
  • If you need help with a topic, use oracle cards.
  • Pick a page whose images call to you and then just start writing.

Visual journaling does several things better than any other self help technique 1)Picking images helps us to use symbolic expression. Our soul speaks in symbols and to really communicate with our higher selves images & symbols work best. (I’ll do a whole blog on this later). 2)The physical act of writing calms our body down and lowers blood pressure. 3)Getting the words out helps to clear out space for other feelings and thoughts because you can’t jam anything else into a full container. 4)Purging your system helps to see what you are really thinking. You can start to make sense of your personal truth as the words flow.

vasaline page 1This takes practice to unearth your true voice and creative style. Your visual journal/altered book is your safe place. No judgement (this takes A LOT of practice).

Start a page and you can always go back to it. Just because you put your journal down doesn’t mean you can’t add to your pages. You can even cover up the whole thing with collage if it’s too deep.

Now is the perfect time for self care so we can have the energy and clarity to know what is the next move for you.

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