Dear Diary – Visual Journaling 101

Good Day to Everyone! I have finished the hardest part of creating a workbook – the writing so now I have the energy to get back to blogging!! I want to offer inspiration to get people into visual journaling so here is the start of my “Dear Diary” project.

Do you remember being a teen and rushing to write in your diary after school or before bed? That was your special place full of wistful thinking, big dreams, heart ache, and bitching. All of which we still have in our lives, but where do we keep all our thoughts?

vasaline page 1 I know first hand that having a diary is very important to process, visualize, vent, and celebrate our lives. The “grown up” version is a visual journal and I think it’s even more fun than just writing in a diary!

Follow along with me as I share topics, techniques, and examples of visually creating in your diary. The first topic I need to tackle in my life is goal setting and follow through. Do you have a goal or would you like to create a goal in your life?

Grab a mixed media spiral pad and get ready to create your special space for your dreams and experiences!!                                                              dear diary book                                   dear diary

Come on along! Every Wednesday I’ll post a blog here and on my Facebook page Your Inner Art




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