Dear Diary – Why?


Why start a diary? I propose that it is to find the “why” in yourself. Why do I feel_________?, Why do I react like this_________? Why do I keep finding the same person to love? Why do keep hearing the same thing repeat itself in my head? and even the big one: Why am I here?

Why call it a diary? I am calling this the Dear Diary Project because having a diary feels like being a teenager again with a lot less pressure than being an adult who is working through issues in a journal. Journal these days are so pretty and special that I have a problem spilling words on a page that doesn’t look good.

Go back to that kid that has dreams and believes in magic so you can let loose in your diary!


When you ask yourself “why” in your visual journal or Diary, it opens the door for you to get clear about what is going on inside you.

Through free writing, gluing in images, doodles, and color, you give yourself the time and space you need to explore your inner world.


How do I start? The easiest visual journal to work in is a mixed media pad with a spiral binding. The paper is thick enough to paint in when you want to play with color or create a background with ink spray.

dear diary book

Canson is my favorite brand and it comes in several sizes. The cover is paper so you can decorate it if you want to.

Cut out pictures from magazines, books, calendars, and even junk mail. Don’t over think why you like an image. Cut/rip out everything that pulls at you to look twice and put them in a gallon plastic bag. Look for words that attract your attention too. You can put those in a smaller plastic bag for easy access.

Start journaling at any time. Just sit with your Diary and a pen and just start writing. It will feel weird if you haven’t journaled in awhile. Put your pen on the page and write whatever comes into your head. If you find you are writing quite a bit (fantastic!!) you can use a spiral notebook for writing and your mixed media pad for your visual Diary with shorter insights from what your writing.

Start playing and gathering other supplies (glue stick, scissors, paints, washi tape, pens, and anything else). Cut out images and start to notice the different thoughts in your head. Do they repeat? What does the voice sound like? We’ll dive in to a page theme next week!


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