Dear Diary Mental Responsibility is Tiring

There are jokes about “being tired of being tired” but they are not very funny if that is what you live with. When I started the Dear Diary Project, I thought journaling through goals as the focus and it still is, except this tried thing has almost taken over my days again.

The thought about finding my “WHY” in this diary/visual journal hit me at my core. WHY am I tired again? As I thought about this, two terms kept – tired and thoughts.


This appears to be ripples but it also looks like a view into a tornado and the whirling wind gusts. I see into this as my “why” being in the calm center and all the random thoughts of my creative brain having the force to disrupt my calm. I saw into this page and envisioned all these thoughts, ideas, projects, the past, and the future in front of me so I couldn’t get past the clutter.

below the surface

This represents what goes on inside my head. I know that I am susceptible to my brain overproducing ideas because I am creative. I have trained my thoughts process to “brain storm” until I have a solution to my creative projects. Add to that my passion for learning about how we humans tick.

I have trained my brain to always be on and searching for solutions.


Because my brain come up with pretty good ideas and I continue to learn about new things, I think that I am responsible for implementing these idea. I remember hearing in church years ago that if you know something you are responsible for it. With that suggestion and being a perfectionist, I’ve been running on a mental program that is assigning a false responsibility to everything in my mind.

This week, use your diary to find a “WHY” in your life. Follow it down into the rabbit hole to the point of origin. You just may be able to rid yourself of some false responsibilities like I did.

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