Dear Diary – I feel clear when I write it out.

The best thing about having a diary is to process all the stuff that goes on in my head. If you are a creative, you have a lot of ideas and those ideas get cluttered if they stay in your head. I do feel clear when I write out the ideas I have.

There are a lot of people who have multiple notebooks, sketch books, and diaries. If you are one, then you know just how much it helps to focus and refine your thoughts. We need somewhere to catalog our ideas so we don’t loose them because we never know when something really juicy with be in the mix.

If we keep all the thoughts in our heads, it may have a paralyzing consequence. Our heads become filled with ideas – too much, too many, too jumbled. Think about a physical hoarder and the confusion they live in, we may not show it on the outside, but that is what is in our minds.

I use two diaries – one is for conscious stream writing in the morning and the other visual diary if for the creative expression of themes.

When you write all the thoughts and get them down on paper, you can really see themes emerge. It’s like an areal view of a forest where you can see the landmarks clearly, but when you are wondering around in the woods, you just see trees.

Once you see themes emerge you can make the choice to reprogram your thinking, use an idea, build on an idea, or trash an idea.

Your diary is your organizational tool for your feelings, emotions, and ideas. You might as well get clear about what’s going on in your head so that organization can manifest what you really want.


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