Dear Diary, Why am I Here?

“Why am I here?” Probably the most asked question in all of history and a perfect exploration for you in your diary. Here’s the best part of the question, it’s one only you can answer for yourself. This is a decision YOU decide. It also tells a lot about how you frame your life.

Are you a people pleaser? Then your first gut reaction answer may be about serving others. This is definitely a big part of a life that brings you purpose, but I challenge you to really think about other reasons you are here. Think of them all, explore the possibilities beyond just doing for the sake of doing. Serving because you were programed too.

My purpose is to learn about myself and deprogram the bullshit that is clogging up my brilliance. The brilliance of love, first for myself and then for others.

I am learning how I can best adapt to what a human existence throws at me. Life as a human is not easy and our bodies do weird stuff.

Everyday I try to keep love at the forefront of my mind so I can adapt to all the varying situations. If I find true confidence in love then I can feel supported by love. Life doesn’t seem as scary if I focus on love instead of fear.

Fear is the opposite of love, not hate. Fear tells us to be small and invisible. Don’t step out of your comfort zone or you’ll be hurt. Love tells us to go boldly no matter what because if we go in confident love, we will always gain something. If is isn’t an obvious gain, then you will see how love teaches you. You will always be open to learning more about yourself.

How do we take this concept and put to use in our diary? 1) Observe a lesson you learn and make that a page you doodle. Letters are fun to doodle and color. This will give you a chance to meditate on the ways you can incorporate this lesson into your mind, body, and spirit.

My lesson was about adapting to life with the key of love so I wrote the lesson out and how I can use this lesson in the way I think, how I see my physical body, and how I can shine my spirit.

Your diary is your safe conversation with the most important person in your life – YOU!

What have you learned lately? Think about the mind, body, spirit connection as you act out this new information. If it conflicts with old programing and thoughts, ask yourself, “who is the real me?” You are here to live your best life and you get to decided what that is.


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