Creatively Through Cancer


Getting a diagnosis of some form of cancer is all too common in our society, but that does not make it any easier for anyone. Those with cancer and their support people need all the tools they can get to process all the emotions that come along with this disease. Creativity is one of those tools that can help in many ways while on this path.

Not only is there physical pain, discomfort, and exhaustion, but your emotional world has just as much of a battle ahead. Processing all the intense physical and emotional distress is imperative to your long term health. I know this because I’ve been there. My creativity helped me when I needed to relax, express intense emotions, and see the lessons of this journey.

My bio on my webpage talks about my being a returning collage student in Art Therapy when I was diagnosed. This gave me an intimate lesson in just how important personal art is in my life. I used hand building/sculpting clay vessels to relax and let my pain float to the background while my focus was on the project. Images of cancer looking cells made their way into my projects in ways I didn’t expect.

in the room (1 of 1)

Having the emotions flow out of me and into a creative project turned into a pivotal discovery for me and that was, “if my emotions are moving they won’t get stuck and ignored.”  Why is that so important? Fear starts to magnify if we don’t look at it, pain turns to another bitter form of cancer if we don’t understand it, and we may find it so much harder to pull ourselves out of anger if we do not find a channel for our emotions.

I now have a mission to help those with and those around cancer to have a creative outlet. On June 1, 2018 I will be publishing the Creatively Through Cancer Workbook! In the workbook you will find coloring pages, how to doodle, college projects, and other calming meditation practices to help get you through this intense time. I crafted the projects for those who may not consider themselves creative so no one will feel too intimidated and you DO NOT need to be an “artist” to use this workbook to process your feelings.

This workbook is not intended to make me rich, it is in existence to be a part of support for as many people as it’s able. Going through this I have a deep compassion for others with long term pain, illness, and cancer. We need a comfort during these times and your creative spirit will help. Please help me reach as many people as possible by sharing my blog and announcements with those you know.

I will be blogging about personal art and how it helps in times of stress for us as well as just having fun. Come along, all are welcome!!

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