OMG I actually finished my second huge project this year! I will actually admit to being very proud of myself! I found that I can waste time like no one else and I thought I’d never step up long enough on my computer to finish this workbook that is so important to me. I will be pushing the publish button this week after it goes through the review process.

Here’s the description:

Your Inner Art is Art for Self-Expression. Art for Healing. Art for Life.

Cancer is many things and brings up so many emotions. But it can also be an opportunity to find your inner art. Through personal art there be healing, and there will be hope. Hard to believe it will start with a doodle. That’s right. A doodle.

You see, Creativity Through Cancer is not about learning to become an artist. It’s about using art as a tool for creative self-expression. It’s about finding a safe space where you can process your complicated feelings in a positive way. It’s about digging down deep, far beyond fear to the place where your inner wisdom lies.

With this workbook, you will learn to look at the creative process differently. You’ll use imagery and symbols to bring your emotions to life using pens, markers, cut-out images, and other materials that you already have. You’ll begin to recognize the beauty in the creative process and to appreciate the art you make – because it is yours. And you are worth loving.

There’s pages to color, Doodling instructions, collage elements, body scan meditation, along with self care tips. Blank pages are there for doodles or collages on your own.




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