Are you ready for a creative stay-cation next week(6/18 – 6/25)?

  I will be hosting a free Facebook Live event using an altered book and the Hero’s Journey every day at noon central time.

As I teach at a summer art program here in Madison, I will be going live after class to bring you the same fun! Last year I taught this and 12 middle school kids dove in and created some awesome projects! I was amazed at how focused these kids were and how much they loved making their altered books. I’m stepping up my class this year and introducing self discovery through the hero’s journey and how to use that plot in our lives.


We are all on our own Hero’s Journey through out our lives in both little ways and huge life shattering ways. If we look at our experience with an objective eye, expressing our feelings creatively then we can incorporate the lessons learning from our own journey.

Taking the emotion out of the situation is difficult at best, especially for those intense shake ups that are meant to “help” us evaluate the way we are being authentic (or not) in our lives. I have had several experiences that have brought me to my knees in physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. I have used an altered book to shake out what has happened. Getting the emotions/feelings out of my body and onto a page in my book has transformed my experience. It’s given me perspective and purpose. I am able to see how the events shaped the strong loving person I am today. Nothing in your life is without it’s own purpose to bring forth your authentic self. You will continue to have the same lessons come to you, unless you are able to learn from them.

From the most “devastating” times in my life, a beautiful garden has grown full of more self-awareness and self confidence. It is beautiful even though it has many tear stains. While I was in the middle of these times in my life, it seemed like there was no light at the end of the tunnel – so I made a tunnel with my art.

Using art as a tool was born from me after my ex-husband left, my oldest son went to college, my car was totaled, and I lost my job. As all this was happening, I was loosing my faith in organized religion and the church I had grown up in. I was broken and drowning wondering what the hell was next. Well, the next thing was the release of picking up my first hard cover book to alter. From that book, I learned so much about myself and what was next. I decided to go back to college and I haven’t looked back.

I want to share this self care with you so here is information about picking out your book and getting started.

My Facebook Live will be posted to my page Your Inner Art.

My videos on my YouTube page Your Inner Art YouTube

Join my Facebook Group: Get Creative with Cathy. It’s a closed group but I let just about anyone in. The only thing I ask is that you aren’t a jerk – I’ll kick you out in a heartbeat if you’re mean. This space is scared and safe because our art is so close to our soul that I don’t want anything to happen to your creativity. This is a place to share and get encouragement.

I hope you will join me on Monday June 18th at Noon central time to dig into Your Inner Art so you can Create, Play, and Love!!!

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