Not Creative? Think Personal Art not Fine Art!


If I had a dime each time someone has told me, “I’m not creative” I would be a billionaire!! When I hear this it sounds like a challenge to me. I would love to help everyone who says they aren’t creative, see that they are. It is my greatest joy to lead a group of women with a project and see the light bulbs go on in their head that triggers a huge smile.

The experience I have had for teaching various creative classes is that EVERYONE can create. We can all make our personal art using any tools/supplies. We were created and we have the ability to re-create in our DNA. It’s in us – period!

The ability to take that step into making personal art starts in your thoughts. When the word art or creative comes up, usually a painting done by a master pops into someone’s head. We have been taught/programmed to think that a painting or sculpture done by Michelangelo is the reference for our creative projects.


This is “fine” art. I painted this in one of my college painting classes. I worked very hard, long hours making it look like a realistic scene. This was technique driven, hard, frustrating, and sometimes just not fun to do. Fine art is: technique and striving for perfection so it can be sold in the public.

This is what someone might consider to be the only form of creativity. Practicing fine art is definitely not for everyone and supporting yourself making art is another level that most people will not find themselves doing.


This is an example of “personal” art. I made this collage to express the different faces/side of my personality. I wanted to explore different sides of me so I found faces that told the story of my inner world. Personal art is for: reflection, expression, relaxation, and the process of experimenting. It is used to tell a personal story and is usually not for public sale.

  • I believe that everyone can benefit doing personal art because it helps you create time to spend in communication with yourself. It is a part of my self-care and it has been invaluable in my life to help me process difficult situations.
  • Having a journal to write in and a visual journal to create in will help with your well being and will cultivate a deeper trust in yourself.
  • Getting to know and understand your inner world through a visual journal will help you to love yourself through loving what you create.

This blog will be focusing on how to use different art supplies in your visual journal. Each month I will explain how to use a new supply and challenge you to use it on a page in a way that will encourage self reflection, self care, and self love.

Come along and explore your inner art and find your inner wisdom. Here are some links to past blog posts that you use to start creating today!

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