Get Creative with Nausea! Self Care When You aren’t Feeling Well.

I had a “touch” of stomach flu or something last week and being nauseous reminded me of my chemo treatments and stem cell transplant. I found that getting my mind on something else was the key to “forgetting” I was sick. The BEST way I know how to get my mind on something interesting is to get creative!

Here’s a page from my personal art/visual journal and it shows my doodling with a purpose. Doodling or painting in a journal really does help to relax your body and takes your mind off your physical body. As you play on the page, think about what you need to feel nurtured and cared for. After you’re done playing with colors, you can journal about what you need.

This exercise in creative play helps keep you more positive and focused on what care you need so the feeling of helplessness isn’t in the forefront of your day.

While you are getting treatment for cancer, pouring out your emotions onto your journal page is especially essential so you can focus on what you need for self care. While I was receiving my treatment, I did so much just so I felt nurtured while there was a war going on inside my body.

If you don’t have enough strength for playing in your journal (sometimes you won’t), looking at beautiful images does help as well. Nature magazines or Pintrest are a great resource for beauty of all kinds.


If you want even more creative help for those times during treatment, you can order my workbook through Amazon. You use the pages in the workbook to play in. There are directions for doodles, doodling with color, collage, meditation, and self care tips are just some of the chapters in the book. You will need scissors, a glue stick, pen, and something to color with to use with the workbook. It is easy to follow the directions and has already helped people to process this experience. Creative expression is a great life long tool for moving through this life.

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