Emotional Processing When Your Life an Unexpected Hard Turn. . . Part 1

There are times in our lives when we feel ripped out of a situation. Here are some ways to balance your thoughts and get back to you.

One way to see life is as though we are living out our story on the pages of a invisible book. Sometimes we are able to write our life the way we want it and plan the transitions into the next chapter. Then there are times when the pages we have written get ripped out and we are in a place we never saw coming.

When we are able to tie up a chapter like a nice neat package, we are emotionally ready to move on. If we are traumatically ejected from a situation, our emotions are left raw and dangling in the wind. Here is some ways I have processed all the pages that have been ripped from my book of life.


The question that confounds us all – Why? Get comfortable not having the answers.

This lesson has hit me full in the gut at the beginning of 2019. I am finding that facing my thoughts and feelings are helping me to learn more about myself and heal my parts that are bruised. It helps to see our experiences as teachable moments designed to get down deep into our psyche so we can love ourselves though the crap. My mantra is: This is a lesson I signed up for before I came to this lifetime. I am going to have a talk with my higher self so I can find out why I signed up for so many Master level classes!

With this experience, I did things differently, I went after the lesson I was learning and did everything I could to support my mind/body/spirit in clearing, learning, and moving on. My first obstacle was shock and the physical symptoms that hit me. When you experience any trauma, your first responsibility is treating yourself with compassion. I played a big part in my upheaval but I was more gentle with myself than in the past. Treat yourself as you would a treasured friend. Listen with love to your self talk, reasons, and fears.


write yourself a permission slip and give yourself space to heal

I call my anxiety my “big Whirl” because it feels like my guts are in a tornado. To help dissipate all this energy – get active! Start with a grounding ritual/activity like visualizing your energy going into the earth and receiving the calming energy back from the earth. Walking or any other exercise. It won’t go away until you are more removed emotionally from the situation, but it’s good to move so it doesn’t get stuck inside you. This isn’t a one time & done thing – you’ll have a lot of emotions and energy to move through you so keep moving. Dancing with loud music is one of my favorites.

After you recognize this feeling of anxiety inside you, get your journal out. No excuses with this! Start writing all about this situation. It doesn’t need to be anything but a stream of consciousness page. Just like chewing is a step in our digestive process, writing is a way to digest our experiences, thoughts, and beliefs. As you write, things become clear and more focused. It also helps to just get the words out of your head and onto paper. It’s like emptying the trash basket on your computer.

Go back over your writing, highlighting words and phrases that are repeated. These tend to be the real issues inside you that need to be healed. Look at your narrative: is it blaming yourself or others too much? If you feel like a victim there’s a chance you may not have the perspective it takes to understand the lesson as it pertains to you. Listing the facts of the situation will help with a more balanced understanding.

Use this time for some REAL self-care

As you are journaling and being compassionate with yourself, you may still feel icky. The physical ramifications of an unsettled situation are real. Make sure you are eating well and trying to rest. Trauma is trauma and it does require time and compassion.

This is just the start of the process so on the next blog, I will discuss how to look at the situation through the lens of your Chakra system and how everything relates. If you aren’t familiar with the Chakras, do some research and journal about them.


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